Rich and Lumi elixir from Pupa Milano

Pupa Milano was so kind to send me their new Lumi and Rich elixirs to test. As every highlighter queen I was obviously super excited about new cosmetics to make skin glowiiiiing and dewy.

Both of these elixirs are skincare and makeup in one. The description says that You can use them without any makeup as a skincare step. I am not soooo convinced about it. I love very rich skincare full of active ingredients and these elixirs they do not give me this sensation. However they are amazing products to complement your makeup!

RICH ELIXIR 21,50 €/ 15 ml

It is a light weight face oil composed from Sweet Almond, Hazel, Peach, Jojoba and Cherry Seed oils. They are mainly antioxidants and are supposed to regenrate and protect skin. Inside there are also gold flakes to add glow to the skin. It can be both used as a makeup base or mixed with foundation. I tested it in both ways and it works very well. I prefer however to apply it as a base. It makes the application and bleding of foundation sooooo smooth and easy! I really love this product as a base! I woud recommend it for dry to combination skin. It is light weight oil however for the oily type of skin there are better solutions.

LUMI ELIXIR 21,50 €/ 15 ML

Lumi elixir has a serum consistency with medium beige/gold pearly shimmer. It is infused with extracts of Chinese Tangerine which has energizing and regenerating properties and it has a very nice delicate smell. The same as Rich Elixir You can use use it as a base under makeup or to mix it with foundation. It has also a very light weight consistency, actually too light for my needs. I have still quite dry skin after the accutane treatment and my skin absorbs this products almost immediately not giving me time to blend it all over my face. That’s why I prefer to mix it with my foundation! It adds very pretty, natural and not exaggerated glow which will work well with every skin type. So If You have oily skin then You should definitely choose this over the Rich Elixir.

They are both Limited Edition so better hurry up to get them! 🙂 Below You can watch a mini tutorial using these products!