If You are planning to start the Accutane treatment then there are a few things that You MUST know. Today we are going to focus on one of the side effects of this treatment which is extreme dryness and sensitiveness of all the body.

You can read about my acne and Accutane experience in the article below (photos before and after included).

It is important to say that at the beginning of the Accutane I was experimenting with skincare. It was a new situation for me and I was struggling a lot with sensitiveness, dryness, redness… after 2 months of getting used to the new condition and experimenting I learned how to deal with this problem and I won completely with this side effect. My skin was never too dry anymore or flaky. And all the cosmetics that I was using didn’t cause any irritation.

That’s why I am sharing with You all my knowledge… Your skin doesn’t have to be in pain during this treatment despite what some say, even doctors… If You’ll follow all of my tips and recommendations I am sure that You will feel so much better.

I am going to divide this article into 2 parts. Part 1 about face care and part 2 about all the rest of the body. By clicking the headings below you can move directly to the chapter that interests You the most.


Choose high-quality cosmetics without aggressive ingredients. Unfortunately, if You want to enjoy the comfort of your skin then You will have to invest a little bit of money into it. The sad truth is that most of the drugstore skincare either contain aggressive ingredients for the skin or do not improve the condition of the skin. This is not a big issue when You have quite normal or combination skin but You have to remember that during the Accutane your skin is far away from normal condition and It needs to be treated in a special way.

I have been trying some drugstore lines for sensitive skin at the beginning of my treatment but the result was always the same: IRRITATION, REDNESS AND DRYNESS.


Forget about micellar water! These products contain little molecules which are supposed to draw out impurities and oils. The problem is that during the Accutane your skin will not produce oils at all which is the main reason of irritation, redness and dryness. So every little particle of oil is actually a blessing. Despite drawing out impurities and oils, micellar water simply removes all the rests of the protective layer of your skin. WE DO NOT WANT IT!

So how to remove your makeup?

First things first I tried to remove my makeup with oils (coconut, castor and olive oils). This will work very well for the Accutane skin type however it is a little bit messy and they are very difficult to rinse off the face and the sink. If that doesn’t bother You and You want a budget-friendly solution then You can try it. However, there are some products on the market which gently dissolve your makeup and get rinsed off very easily. Usually, they are called cleansing balms/sherbets/oils. These are 2 that I was using and I loved them.


24 $ / 90 ml or 14 $ / 30 ml


30 $ / 112 ml , there is available Travel Size

How to use cleansing balms?

You take a little amount of product and you distribute on the palms of your hands. Next, You start to massage all your face (with 2 products above also eyes). When all the makeup is dissolved You rinse all the product off your face. Usually, this step removes all the makeup. However, there is always a little bit of foundation left on the skin that’s why we are moving to step two!


Do not underestimate the importance of face cleanser. Many people just take the first face wash that they find in a supermarket because it is “just to wash their face”. It’s not like this… The same as with micellar water, face cleansers can be pretty aggressive. So it’s important to choose wisely. These are the ones that worked for me.


Current skincare favorites Althea bare essentialsreview
8,50 $ / 150 g


39 $ / 50 ml


27,50 € / 125 ml

What about peeling?

Doing peeling during this treatment is not recommended because of the extreme sensitiveness of the skin. However, I am a huge fan of exfoliating my face. Instead of using mechanical or chemical peelings like I was doing before the treatment, I was only using a sonic cleansing brush from Michael Todd Beauty 2/3 times a week. It does very delicately exfoliating which didn’t irritate my skin. Remember only to use some emollient after this cleansing! Perfect will be Phyto Replenish Oil from Dermalogica. You can read more about this oil later in this article.


The biggest game-changer in my skincare during these difficult months was practicing a regime based on Korean self-care culture.

I wasn’t strictly following all of the 10 steps every time but I was trying to do my best! Practicing very advanced and complete skincare connected with delicate massages is a savior for the dry and irritated skin!

I was doing my skincare ritual twice day (morning and evening). I was following all the steps usually only in the evening (makeup removal, cleansing, toning, serum, eye cream, face cream and sometimes overnight face mask). In the morning my skin was already very nourished so I could limit a little bit the number of products to cleansing, toning, sometimes serum, face cream, and sunscreen.

Sounds like a lot?

I know it sounds like a lot but it does a great job! And You will start to see the benefits immediately. Even though I have finished Accutane treatment almost 1 month ago and my skin is coming back to normal I can’t imagine taking care of my skin without this regime. Let’s talk about the following step after cleansing.


Using toner is so important! Cleanser more or less always changes the ph of the skin and violates the protective layer of the skin. Toner’s job is to bring back a good ph level and calm your skin. It should give immediately a sensation of comfort and it prepares your skin for absorbing the following active ingredients. And forget about using cotton pads! They are irritating to skin so much! Apply your toner with your own hands. This is more delicate and also an economical way (cotton pads absorb a lot of product, which becomes wasted). These are my toner recommendations. They contain an essence so they are not only toning but they plump and hydrate your skin too.


Current skincare favorites Althea bare essentials review
11 $ / 200 ml


Around 4€


35,99 € / 100 ml


This serum for skin needs during Accutane does not have any competitors. I have been using some other serums at that time and they were very good but for the other skin concerns. This serum from Oliveda is one of the best things that You can do for Your dry skin.


64,95 € / 50 ml


Moisturizing skin under my eyes was soooo problematic! Every cream that I was using burned me and then I had to regenerate my skin for a week or so to get rid of the hard shell of dry skin. I tried many different cosmetics, also very expensive ones but in the end, the only one that worked for me was from (guess what brand?) Oliveda!

F09 Anti Wrinkle Cream

39,50 € / 30 ml

The important things to mention about this cream are:

  • You can use it as an overnight eye mask by using a thick layer of cream.
  • It is very efficient. I use it from around 3 months and I am maybe in half of the packaging.
  • It is very rich and needs to have time to get absorbed before applying makeup.
  • My advice is to use a thick layer in the evening and just a tiny little bit in the morning.


Again Oliveda! It’s not sponsored, it’s just that their cosmetics are simply amazing. However, in this category, I also have 2 more products that I loved! And remember the richer the cream is the better! And apply a very thin layer! Your skin will need it all day long. The thing about extremely dry skin is that it slowly absorbs all the moisture applied on top of it so right now You may seem shiny and oily but in 1 hour You’ll be again completely matte. So the more the better!


63,95 € / 100 ml


130,50 € / 150 ml


84 € / 30ml

This Phyto Replenish Oil is not exactly a face cream but it reinforces the protective barrier of the skin. I recommend to apply it on top of a good moisturizing serum like for example this one from Oliveda.


A complete base for moisturized and healthy skin is drinking lots of water!!! Hydration has to be achieved both from inside and outside. So have a bottle of water all the time with You and drink it whenever you can.


It’s time to talk about the most hated part of the skincare for many people. Why people hate sunscreens? Some of the reasons are that they feel heavy on the skin, they give flashback, makeup doesn’t stay well on top, they clog pores… I am going to recommend to you 3 products that are the best and very comfortable to use!


55 $/ 50 ml

This sunscreen is called booster because you can use it solo or you can add some to your favorite face cream or foundation. It will be a perfect solution for dewy skin lovers. It gives soooo much glow! I am a fan of course! And it protects skin very well!


28,50 € / 50 ml

This is a little bit lower protection which can be ok if your skin is not at all or any more completely light. This comparing to Dermalogica gives a very matte finish. Makeup stays perfectly on top of this and it doesn’t give a flashback.


Around 20 € / 300 ml

This is the lowest face and body protection which I would rather recommend to use for Your body or for the face but not int he summertime. This cream has an amazing smell and it moisturized and nourishes the skin without leaving a thick layer of product! And it’s waterproof!


This one will be quick because there is only one product that fulfilled my expectations and really helped my lips. As you can expect or not, lips are suffering the most from all face. They have the most delicate and thin skin so they become nonstop flaky with wounds. I tried many different products for lips and only Connettivina stick used regularly (a few times a day) was able to keep my lips in a good condition. During all the treatment which lasted 5 months, I used 3 packages of this.

7,50 €


To be honest I was using more face masks at the beginning of the Accutane treatment when I didn’t know yet how to keep my skin under control with regular skincare. When I discovered my super-effective regime with all of the cosmetics above I didn’t use very regularly masks because there was no need. However, there are a few which are super moisturizing and worth mentioning.


45 € / 75 ml


44 € / 5 masks


23 € / 75 ml

Guys! For today that’s all! I was writing this article from 3 days and I am so tired. This was only the face part.

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