Nyx Face Awards Italy 2019!

If You follow me on Instagram, You probably already know that I entered in Nyx FACE Awards Italy 2019. If You don’t, then go to Instagram and click that follow button! ->https://www.instagram.com/minimualist/

I have always been very interested in participating, but never felt strong enough. Also seeing all of the amazing video production and makeup of other participants was a bit discouraging for me!

This year, however, I finally decided to believe in myself! But mostly it’s all about taking the challenge. When You push your boundaries, You can discover so many resources, creativity, and great ideas! That’s what happened to me at least when I started to make projects for my entry makeup tutorial. Challenges like Nyx Face Awards Italy 2019 enrich and push you forward. In the end, you always know more and you are better at what you do. SELF DEVELOPMENT IS COOL AND SOOO IMPORTANT!

Nyx Face Awards Italy 2019!

The look that I created is called Modern Elizabeth. It is inspired by Queen Elizabeth (the one from Rennaissance). This is how I imagine her right now. Powerful woman wearing modern extravagant, royal makeup with diamonds. Her crown is holographic which is sooo much XXI century style. Instead of earrings, I did jewelry with makeup on ears! All of the attributes are also hand made. Their tutorial is included in the video on YouTube!

I am not a specialist in SFX so I decided to show to jury my face modification skills, creativity, and high fashion sense. And I have to mention that I have never ever been so proud with my video production like this time!

You can watch my entry tutorial on YouTube! <3 ENJOY!