Wearing a lot of makeup on the hot summer days is so uncomfortable. Instead of wearing full makeup, go for very minimalistic and natural makeup corrections which will make you look like you woke up like this and nobody will even notice that you have makeup but you will still look splendid!

In this kind of makeup, the skincare is the most important because the condition of your skin will decide about how much makeup you have to apply.

If You love taking care of your skin or you want to start, you have to try cosmetics from @Olivedaofficial . I promise to You that used regularly, they do miracles to the skin! They are a bit pricey but worth every penny and you won’t regret it.

You can read about them in one of my last posts -> MY CURRENT SKINCARE FAVORITES
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From 20th to 30th June You will have a unique opportunity to purchase all their products with a 35% discount (yeah a lot!) using the code MINISUN. I am definitely going to restock their serum F06. There won’t be a better chance to try their cosmetics then this! 

In today’s post I am also going to share with You all of my tips and tricks for a natural looking and long lasting makeup no makeup which I am wearing the most often for going out!


  • Create a flawless and hydrated base with skincare products. Considering that there won’t be almost any makeup on the skin it is important to protect it from the environmental damage with good skincare products. (Check the Oliveda skincare and don’t forget about 35% discount at checkout with code “MINISUN”)
  • Fill in holes in your eyebrows. Don’t shape them too much because they will look too much exaggerated comparing to the rest of the face.
  • Use waterproof concealer to make sure that it will last all day long! (My favorites are Full Cover from Makeup Forever and Last&Foundation from Wunder 2 Cosmetics).
  • Apply a super thin layer or do not apply at all concealer in the places that sweat too much. Me for instance, I do not apply foundation and concealer in the summertime never above my upper lip cause I sweat there a lot and no matter how long-lasting products I use they always wash off.
  • Do not try to cover all of the imperfections. Cover with a light hand and a thin layer of the product only the most visible rednesses, spots or blemishes. We want to achieve a natural effect and not perfect skin look!
  • Use a brush to blend your concealer, this will let you keep the maximum fo coverage in a thin layer of product! (My favorite concealer brush which costs only 0,48$ lol really –>>>> SHOP IT!)
  • If You have many visible imperfections then add with your bronzer or some brown pencil freckles to your face! Nothing camouflages imperfections as well and naturally as some good faux freckles!
  • Remember about moisturizing your lips too! And add some gloss for extra glow!
  • Using mascara is very optional but if You’d like to use one then I would suggest a brown mascara which will look more natural.
  • Mattify with powder only some parts of your skin like: center of the forehead, sides of the nose, above the upper lip and around the chin. This will enhance the natural glow of other parts of your face. No highlighter needed in that case! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: These tips are valid for an everyday makeup. Process would be a bit different for the photoshoot or other occasions….