Before and after accutane treatment ISOTRETINOINA ACNE

I can’t really describe how happy and relieved I am. After 3 years of hopeless living with very severe acne problem, I finally cured it! Actually, my skin is now in such a good condition that I totally forgot how bad it was! When I had a look at the photos from 5 months ago I got a little bit shocked. I’ve always had an acne tendency but the serious problem started 3 years ago. It was a short time after I moved to Italy.

The reasons for my acne

The reasons were probably many. All of the small reasons combined together made an explosion of pimples all over my face. Some of them could be stress, change of climate (I moved from Poland to Italy), change of water (in Italy water is much harder than in Poland), polycystic ovaries, change of diet…

The frustration

After 2,5 year of trying many homemade remedies, experimenting with different regimes of skincare and different cosmetics, my frustration reached Mont Everest. It was always harder and harder to go out from home because going out was connected with the fact that it was necessary to do some makeup and when You have inflammation and acne everywhere it can be really time-consuming. So it was better not to go out. Not mentioning that even the best makeup ever will not make your acne invisible. So the frustration grows…

Before and after accutane treatment ISOTRETINOINA ACNE

The Accutane

I went to the doctor. She said that I had two choices. I could either do regularly some good beautician treatments to keep my skin under control or I could start Accutane treatment which eliminates the problem in most cases forever. The choice wasn’t hard…

The Accutane treatment is a treatment with medicine which has as the active principle isotretinoin also known as 13-cis-retinoic acid. Accutane is a very aggressive treatment for the body with many side effects.

It is important to think it through very well before deciding to start Accutane cure. It’s necessary to start it and follow it under control of the doctor. He/She will explain to You all of the risks and will test your blood regularly.

I took the risk and I do not regret it. Pictures speak for themselves. My acne is gone… There are only left “post-war” scars which I am gonna take care of after summer. Because all of the treatments which whiten your spots can give an opposite result if you are exposed to sun rays.

Before and after accutane treatment ISOTRETINOINA ACNE

The worst side effect of Accutane

One of the worst and most severe side effects is dryness of your whole body. By this I mean also eyeballs, inside your nose, your intimate parts, basically everything is dry. The first month or two I was very damaged by this, especially on hands, lips, and eyes. However, with time and new cosmetics that I was constantly trying, I discovered how to get rid of these side effects almost completely. I say almost completely because the only thing that was anyway annoying was my eyeballs.

This article is already very long so I am going to make a separate post with my cosmetics recommendations. It will be useful both for people on Accutane treatment but also for those who simply have very dry skin.

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