Finally, it happened! My first PR event. Beauty (R)evolution by Nyx Cosmetics Italy! It’s been a long time since I run my Instagram and a little bit shorter since I write my blog. It can be hard to believe that I have never before participated in any PR event! I guess the problem is my location because IN LATINA HAPPENS NOTHING! To be honest not even in Rome. The center of beauty events in Italy is Milan which is quite far.

However, my blogger life without events is finished. Nyx Cosmetics invited me to their mysterious Beauty (R)evolution event in Milan 29th May. It was organized in Tenoha. It’s a restaurant and event space. Seemed very fancy, I spotted there Giulia Valentina. 😀

Who participated in Beauty (R)evolution?

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event
Angel McQueen with the event host Annie Mazzola

Nyx invited 150 influencers from all Italy. All of us had together 15 millions of followers! A lot! The special guests who were interviewed by the host Annie Mazzola were: Manuele Mameli, Cheryl Pandemonium, Stephanie Glitter, Chantal Ciaffardini, Angel McQueen. They were talking about haters on Instagram, love, unstoppable passion, pride, vegan cosmetics. negativity in the beauty community and many other values.

So what is exactly a Beauty (R)evolution by Nyx Cosmetics Italy?

Well, Nyx started to take seriously a responsibility that we all have to the world and to the community that we live in. During the event, they presented to us the values that they want to spread. There is too much body and sexual orientation shaming, too little care for the environment and too little love to other living creatures. And to be clear by sexual orientation shaming I talk about both sides of the medal. All hetero, homo or bisexual or any other orientation people can be very unpleasant and bully others. And it’s the same about the body. Not only curvy people are the victims of harassment but also very fit ones. And obviously, body shaming is not only about your weight but also many other aspects. That was just one simple example. Remember about it!

No gender in makeup + color range for all the skin tones.

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event
Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event 
Makeup for all skin tones

5 rules of positive community

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event
5 rules of positive comunity
1. Don’t judge. Try putting yourself in others’ shoes
2. Be Kind. Express your opinion with respect.
3. Share the love. If something pleases you say it.
4. Get Up. Stand Up. Deploy to help someone else.
5. Communicate positive messages

Proud artistry for all!

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event
For all the times they told you that “make-up wasn’t a job”.
For all the sacrifices you’ve made.
For the hours spent creating, studying, experimenting.
For the courage to turn your passion into a profession.
For all this, congratulations!
Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event


Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event

Proudly Cruelty Free

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event Cruelty Free vegan cosmetics
All of the cosmetics from Nyx are cruelty free. Some of them are also vegan!

I made a makeup tutorial using only Vegan makeup from Nyx! Check it out!

Nyx Cosmetics Italy Beauty (R)evolution event with Chantal Ciaffardini
Little chat with Chantal Ciaffardini 🙂

Nyx Cosmetics Italy! Thank You so much for having me! <3

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