Current skincare favorites

Guess who just started last month of Accutane treatment! Me! During the last 4 months, I was discovering a new world of skincare for extremely dry and sensitive skin caused by Accutane medicines. I tried soooo many cosmetics! And now I’m ready to present You my top products which help me reduce or even remove totally the dryness and irritation of the skin.

Let’s divide them in categories!

Makeup Removal and Cleansing

Clinique makeup removal Take the day off balm review
Cost: 33 € / 125 ml

One of the first things that I learned during this treatment is that cotton pads and micellar water are the enemies of dry and sensitive skin! Cosmetics, which I used before the treatment without any problems, suddenly started to burn and irritate my skin. Especially around eyes…

So I started to experiment first with removing my makeup with oils (coconut and olive oil), which works well but it’s very not handy, leaves dirt all over the sink and it’s difficult to wash off the face. And then I discovered Take The Day Off Balm from Clinique! It has a consistency of very lightweight balm, while you massage your skin it dissolves all the makeup also around eyes without any problem. Afterward, it washes off the face together with makeup soo easily. It is a very efficient product, easy to use, fragrance-free. It’s just perfect! I don’t think that I am gonna ever start using again micellar water.

After the makeup removal, it’s time to cleanse! I think that double cleansing your face is so important! It removes perfectly all the impurities and prepares your skin to absorb better your serum, cream, etc….

Current skincare favorites Althea bare essentialsreview
Cost: 6$ / 150g

I have right now so many face cleansers at home… I have a stock for at least 1 year of usage. However my favorite right now is the one which came to me most recently. I am talking about Korean Contour Cleanser from Althea. It makes part of the Bare Essentials Collection. You can also buy all set (cleanser, toner, and cream) for 27$. The consistency is very dense with delicate peeling (very delicate). It removes totally everything, all the impurities, dirt, sebum, makeup residues. It leaves your skin so bare that It is necessary to use some toner after cleansing. If You are not yet the fan of toners then read my article about Korean skincare regime, maybe this will convince you!


Current skincare favorites Althea bare essentials review
Cost: 11 $ / 200 ml

Currently, I use 2 different toners. In the morning I use Primer Water from Althea which is both toner and moisturizing essence. That’s why it is so perfect for the mornings in a rush cause it’s kind of 2 in 1. 🙂 It goes deep inside the skin, plumps it and prepares it for the cream. The consistency is kind of a watery balm. It has a perfect consistency to be applied with hands. Cause as I mentioned before I don’t use cotton pads on my face at all.

Current skincare favorites Althea Bare essentials review
Bare Essentials Set from Althea | Cost: 27 $
Cost: 29$ / 250 ml

My evening toner is Glow Tonic from Pixi! It is exfoliating toner with glycolic acid. This is the reason why I use it in the evening. The exfoliating properties cause photosensitivity of the skin. Of course, If You use sunscreen You should have nothing to worry about, however, my Accutane treatment by itself already causes these problems and I don’t want to risk skin discolorations! However once a day is already enough to see amazing results that it gives You. It brightens, unifies the skin tone and the texture by gentle exfoliation every day. It is also available in the little 100 ml travel size which costs around 13 $. LOOOOOVE IT!


Current skincare favorites Oloveda review
Cost: 129,90€ / 100 ml

Recently I was using only one serum, F06 Cell Active Serum from Oliveda. It is quite pricy honestly and with my salary, I couldn’t afford it for sure. However, if You earn more money then me, probably You do ;D then I have a 15 % discount code for everything from them. You just have to use “MINIMUALIST15” at the checkout. The discount is available until 16.09.16.

It has anti-aging properties, strengthens, tightens and repairs the skin. What I noticed is that my skin definitely becomes more tight and dense, but also has much prettier color. It’s hard to say if it’s thanks to Oliveda or Pixie toner because these products I use together already for a long time. But it is definitely a very good serum, recommended both for young and mature skin.

What makes this serum special are the products inside it. It contains 70% Olive Tree Leaf Cellular Elixir (not olive oil!) from the very old mountain olive trees which grow in nature as intended, free of pesticides and without the use of irrigated water. These trees thanks to its vital minerals can live up to 4000 years! So imagine what they can do to our skin! The rest of the products inside are synergetic plant and herbal extracts and a little percentage of olive oil.


Current skincare favorites Althea Bare Essentials review
Cost: 13$ / 50g

Lately, I have been using 2 different creams. In the morning Fixer Cream from Althea and in the evening Anti Oxidant Face Cream from Oliveda.

Fixer cream is very lightweight, doesn’t stay on the skin, it’s fully absorbed. Thanks to this the face doesn’t have an excessive glow and the makeup applies very easily on top of this cream. It allows the skin to stay hydrated all day. I would say that it is a good basic moisturizer. It is the part of Bare Essentials collection which name describes very well these products. This cream will smooth and moisturize your skin while being very lightweight and making a good base for long-lasting makeup. It’s not a cream for mature skin type. It will work well for young both normal and problematic skin. I would recommend it for daily use.

In this video I use all the Bare Essentials cosmetics from Althea

Anti Aging F07 face cream from Oliveda I use in the evening. In general all the strongly nourishing and regenerating cosmetics I usually leave for the night time so that they take care of my skin while I sleep and prepare my skin for the next day.

Oliveda review
F07 Cost: 50 ml – 39,50 €

The same as serum from Oliveda, it has anti-aging and strongly regenerating properties. It improves the elasticity of the skin, removes visibly the signs of aging, makes skin look more plumped. This cream has the richest consistency out of all the products that I use. However, It can be used also during the day if You have dry or normal skin. I was wearing makeup on top of this cream a few times and it looked very good and makeup stayed very well all day.


Eye Cream

Current skincare favorites Oliveda review
Cost: 30 ml – 39,50 €

With eye cream, my skincare is less complicated because I have just this one and that’s all I am using under my eyes! It’s Anti Wrinkle F09 eye cream from Oliveda. It definitely nourishes and moisturizes thin skin under eyes very well but… if You want to use it for the day, apply a very thin layer. Otherwise, makeup doesn’t stay very well on top of this cream. It is also important to pat it into the skin because when You only swipe it, it takes really a lot of time for skin to absorb it. But as soon as You start to pat the cream with your fingers, the skin soaks it in.

Usually, I save myself problems and I use this cream only in the evening. I apply it as a mask, very thick layer so then during the day, I don’t have a need for an eye cream anymore.

Sun Protection

Current skincare favorites
Cost: 62€ / 50 ml

If You have very sensitive skin, good sun protection is a must! My favorite is Solar Defense Booster from Dermalogica. It is called booster cause it can be mixed with your cream or foundation to add SPF 50 to them. It doesn’t give a flashback in the pictures but it leaves an amazing glow on your face! I absolutely love how my skin looks like when I apply my makeup on top of it.


In the bonus, there will be 2 products which are actually extras. I mean they are not essentials but I find them very useful.

Cost: 84€ / 30 ml

First is Phyto Replenish Oil which renews the lipid barrier of your skin, protects her and gives an extra glow. It is not very heavy oil and it gets absorbed with time. It can be used alone or mixed with cream or foundation. I love to use it when I want to add some extra nourishment to my day cream or when I want to have a glowing skin I mix it with foundation.

However, I find it the most useful when I over exfoliate or over cleanse my skin and I need to rebuild the protective layer. This happens usually when I change my makeup during the day and I have to give it an extra cleanse. I said at the beginning that it’s not essential, but I think that sometimes it saves the day if You have very sensitive and dry skin. It is very pricy but 3-4 little drops of this oil are enough for all the face!

Cost: €43.27 / 3 ml (3-4 months use)

Another bonus is eyelash serum from UKlash. I am using it every evening from a few weeks. It is still too early to share my opinion because the visible effects are after 8-10 weeks of use but for the moment I can tell You that it doesn’t irritate my eyes and I use it regularly every evening. 🙂

These would be all of my current favorite skincare products. I didn’t include face masks because the article would be too long! I am gonna write a separate post about it later.

Right now I also started to test some other creams and serums from Pixi! I’ll share my opinion about them on Instagram at the end of the month! 🙂

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