Short time ago I became a Brand Ambassador for The Glamatory. It is an awesome makeup place where You can not only purchase cosmetics but also You can have your makeup done by their artists, learn makeup art or organize an event in their space! They are based in Atlanta but they have also shop online! They sell many different brands like: Becca Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools, Inglot, Kevyn Aucoin, Z pallette and many others including their own brand The Glamatory!

As a Brand Ambassador I got a discount code that I can share with You guys! It’s “GLAMPAULINA” and it gives You 15% discount for everything!

Review of Liquid lipsticks from The Glamatory
Glam Lip Potion from The Glamatory

Today let’s focus on their own brand! I got from them full set of their liquid lipsticks which I lip swatched to show You well every color and I am going to share with You my opinion about them. I am going to divide them into a few categories.

Review of Lip Art from The Glamatory
Lip Art from The Glamatory

Color guide and review of all the liquid lipsticks from The Glamatory.

Let’s start with nudes!

I have totally nothing bad to say about them. They have beautiful colors. My favorite one is “Melanude” which is a little bit darker and vivid kind of nude but anyway looks stunning and natural. “Bows & Baes” in my opinion is a perfect color for a bride. “NuD” is the most stunning neutral color of nude lipstick. “Pinkerly” instead has very sweet and girly vibe.

They last very well, dry out to total matte finish but they do not dry the lips.

What else do we want from a nude lipstick? Nothing comes to my mind!

Similar shades and the differences between them

Sugarberry” and “Rendez Vous” are very similar shades but not the same! “Rendez Vous” is slightly darker and it has a delicate pearly sheen that reflects the light. I have been looking for so long perfect berry shade of lipstick and I finally found it! These colors will look very good on most of You but especially they’ll look amazing with the olive skintone.

Well… in this case I must say that the difference is not big or even visible. “Fira” is maybe slightly deeper and less bright then “Onpoint Settia” but I wouldn’t say that this little difference is very meaningful. Soo…. choose the one with the name that You prefer 😀 Anyway they are both stunning and super bold! Perfect for spring with fresh luminous skin and minimalistic eye makeup!


We girls, looove pink! First, we love it when we’re children then we rebel ourselves and say that we hate pink and then we love it again ;D The Glamatory offers to us a few pink liquid lipsticks options. “Pank” is very bright, neon kind pink with the neutral undertone. “Lovie Dovie” is very cold and pastel type of pink which reminds me of powder candies. “Electrose” is a neon fuchsia which with my skintone looks a little bit coral. My favorite on “Electrose“!


Cherry bomb” is a beautiful classic red which will be perfect for everyone. Very neutral, with uniform consistency and perfectly vivid.

Cherry Bomb liquid lipstick from The Glamatory

Colors that I had some issues with

Usually, in every liquid lipsticks collection, there are some colors which have some formulation issues. Also in lipstick line of The Glamatory, there are 3 shoddy. One a little bit more than the others. I am talking about 2 the darkest colors “SLAY bells“, “Nightshade” and the metallic “Holidaze“.

The most problematic is “Nightshade” because It is very patchy and I didn’t manage to apply it in uniform way. It is very visible and for me it is a big NO. However, I want to try to use it as an eyeliner. I love to use liquid lipsticks in this way! I’ll update You about it later.

SLAY bells” is also patchy but a little bit less and it is not very visible in real life but in high quality pictures yes! I am gonna use it for going out because it has a really pretty burgundy shade!

I do not like “Holidaze” on my lips because it exaggerates a lot my wrinkles. Maybe it’s simply the fault of my characteristics. If You have fuller and plumped lips then You may enjoy it. It has a pretty color, very metallic finish and its formula is the same good as other lipsticks that I like from The Glamatory.

Which of the colors of liquid lipsticks from The Glamatory is your favorite one?

Remember to use code “GLAMPAULINA” at checkout for 15 % discount!


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