Hey guys!
I posted on Instagram a mini tutorial about how do I cover my acne.
Camouflaging acne, in my opinion, is a game of light rather than high opacity and coverage.

However, there are many different schools and theories about it. The technique that I use gives me the most natural result and distracts attention from imperfections.

The time limit of videos on Instagram is 1 minute so it is impossible to explain to You there all the steps and their meaning but luckily I have a blog!

Below You can watch the tutorial and underneath You’ll find the explanation of every step and list of cosmetics. ENJOY!


The first step is always good skincare! In the video, I didn’t have enough to show this step but before this makeup, I used a soothing sheet mask from Patchology which reduces inflammations, redness, and visibility of pores. You can find these masks in Sephora!


As a foundation, I use for everyday makeup BB Cream Healthy Mix from Bourjois. When I need to have perfect long lasting makeup for some event, date etc. then I use Last&Foundation from Wunder 2 Cosmetics. I apply a thin layer of foundation with a beauty sponge from H&M. I love these sponges, I like them more than the original Beauty Blender. They are the same soft but leave smoother structure on the skin because they are less porous. And the price, incomparably lower…


Next, I apply anti age concealer from Maybelline on all of my acne zones (almost everywhere as You can see in the video). With this step, I cover almost all the acne. The color that I use is slightly darker than my foundation with yellow undertones, this helps with the camouflage of all the redness.


Under my eyes sometimes I don’t use anything at all, but when I do, I use Liquid Camouflage concealer from Catrice. I blend it with a smaller sponge from H&M.


If there is still some imperfection that hasn’t been covered yet (usually these are burgundy color scars that stay visible), I am using some full coverage camouflage like this one from Nyx which is not available anymore or my favorite one Full Cover from Makeup Forever. I apply it with a brush to keep as much coverage as possible.


As the next step, I mattify/fix/ bake with powder all the imperfections, leaving all the rest of the face not powdered. This step preserves the make-up of imperfections so that they are covered for hours. In addition, it makes imperfections not reflect light so optically hiding and making it less visible to the eye. I use a mix of transparent and yellow powder. As I mentioned before yellow tones conceal redness but I do not want to make on my face yellow patches so that’s why I mix it with a translucent powder. I like a lot to use Lace Baking powder from Makeup Revolution mixed with Banana Powder from Ben Nye.


With bronzer, the situation is very variable. Sometimes I use it, sometimes not, depends on the mood and makeup that I am going to wear. I this video I used No filter finishing powder from Nyx. It is a regular powder, not a bronzer but if You use the darker color it will give a similar effect and will add some more coverage in the place where You apply it.


I always apply blush and highlighter, It gives a healthy look to your skin. I think that these are very important steps in the acne coverage makeup. After applying foundation and concealer the skin tends to look very flat and pale, it is obvious that there is a lot of makeup going on. But if You add some blush and illuminator, makeup becomes less visible and more natural. Just remember to not apply highlighter on your acne. If You have a little space without imperfections then use a more precise brush to apply your illuminator.

I love to use this one which costs only 0,57$ → 3 in 1 brush
It will be also perfect for blending eyeshadows and applying concealer.

I know that it seems like a lot of steps and that maybe it’s easier to use 1 super high coverage long lasting foundation, but this gives so heavy and unnatural effect! If You keep the high coverage only where you need it and leave all the rest natural and breathing your skin will thank You for that and it will seem that You wear much less makeup then You do.

Hope You enjoyed this tutorial,.
As always let me know your thoughts and your tricks!