Carnival is here and it means PARTYYYYY! I must honestly say that my partying period is gone 

 When I still lived in Warsaw, I was going to clubs with my friends very often! But the sad truth is that clubs are mostly occupied by single people. Very often people go there to meet someone new and flirt or is it like that just in Warsaw? Share You opinion in the comments!

So yeah… now I am in a serious relationship with a “serious” man who doesn’t like to dance and in general is VERY calm so clubs are not places for us. And we are kind of a couple who doesn’t like to be separated for a long time so we do most of the things together. I feel lucky to be in a relationship like this. However I enjoyed a lot my clubbing part of life. So here I have for You a makeup tutorial perfect for a night out with your girlfriends. It will catch the light so beautifully in the club lights! All eyes will be on You!

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