I have just started my acne treatment at Studio Associato Medica in Latina and hopefully, during the next few months, I will finish my 3 years long fight with acne. So I am using these last moments to share with You as much knowledge as possible about how I deal with this problem.
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And here You have an example of my skin with makeup without any retouch to see that while having serious acne it is still possible to keep it in a good condition! If You want to see my real skin without any makeup check on my IG highlights “ACNE”! ❤️

with and without retouch, top 8 face masks for acne skin

Today I am going to talk about my favorite face masks which make life with  acne a little bit easier and more comfortable.
I just would like to mention this important fact that no cosmetic can cure your acne…

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Acne is caused by different dysfunctions of our bodies or allergic reactions which has to be cured from the inside. All the cosmetics that we apply on the skin (creams, face cleansers, masks, toners, etc…) can just reduce the symptoms.  

Face masks can be very helpful with exfoliation, keeping your skin well hydrated despite using acne skincare which very often dries your skin, unifying the skin tone, purifying your pores, mattifying, normalizing, controlling the production of sebum, calming. 

There are so many face masks from different brands in different forms, it can be very confusing and very often also disappointing because not all of them are good obviously…
Let me help You!

My top 8 face masks for Acne skin

1. Detox mask from Loreal

It is perfect for oily skin days! I love especially how it mattifies my forehead and tighten the pores.

Top 8 face masks for acne skin

2. Cell Illuminating 3 steps mask pack from XOUL

Every skin needs to be moisturized, also acne or oily types. You shouldn’t forget in your skincare routine about regular hydration. This mask gives You a looooad of moisture which lasts many days without blocking your pores. It has a super rich consistency but do not worry about it!

Top 8 face masks for acne skin

3. Clay Rose repairing face mask from G.E.T.I. (Discount code: MINIMUALIST)

This mask will be perfect for the natural skincare lovers cause it is made with 100% natural ingredients that You could eat if You want. It calms and gently purifies skin, if You have very sensitive skin then You should definitely try this one!

top 8 face masks for acne skin

4. Homemade charcoal and apple vinegar mask

The recipe for this mask is quite easy. First You have to crush your charcoal pills and then mix the powder with a little bit of apple vinegar (with time You will learn the best proportions). THE END! Apply this mixture to Your face and enjoy! Enjoy maybe not cause it smells really bad but it works amazing! It purifies, mattifies, exfoliates and whitens the scars. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN!

5. Pumpkin Enzyme Masque from Banish (Discount Code: PAULINA5)

If You prefer enzymatic peelings over classic ones then You have to try this one! It is quite strong so You should pay attention if You have sensitive skin. It is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and freshly made to order. 

top 8 face masks for acne skin

6. Ginzing Peel off mask from Origins

This mask I love to use straight before makeup, cause it tightens the pores and makes your natural skin tone prettier and it looks super cool on the face cause it has gold-copper color with a metallic finish!

top 8 face masks for acne skin

7. Activated Charcoal Clay Masque Banish (Discount Code: PAULINA5)

The same as the previous mask from Banish also this one is organic, vegan and cruelty-free. It is in powder form which You can mix with any liquid that You like. I use usually apple vinegar or lemon juice or just water. It mattifies and purifies your skin. 

top 8 face masks for acne skin

8. Homemade honey and apple vinegar spot treatment mask.

This is the best homemade spot treatment! First, wipe the spot with a cotton swab soaked in apple vinegar and next apply a thick layer of honey on top and leave it for as long as You want. It kills the pain and reduces inflammation of acne. Especially useful with cystic acne!