You’ve probably heard already about lip plumpers. They have been in the market for a good couple of years. If, however, you hear about them for the first time, I will explain breathly to you what is it.

Lip plumpers are usually lip glosses which contain ingredients that gently irritate the skin, causing swelling on the lips and thanks to this, lips seem bigger. This is only a temporary solution that does not last very long and can be renewed with a re-application of the lip gloss.

In the gif above You can see in 3 steps how to achieve full looking lips:
1. Before, without any product.
2. After application of natural lip liner.
3. After Lip Venom 2nd sin.

Du Wop Lip Venom for full looking lips

Today’s post is about the first lip plumper ever “Lip Venom”. This innovation was created by DuWop Cosmetics. It is scented with cinnamon and thanks to a special blend of essential oils which increases the blood circulation of the lips, they seem fuller and their natural color is enhanced.  Some of the ingredients are cinnamon, wintergreen, ginger, jojoba, and avocado.

Over the years, the DuWop released many versions of Lip Venom so everyone can find something for themselves according to their preferences.

Natural Lip Venom

This one contains more natural ingredients and eco-friendly tube. 

Natural Lip Venom for full looking lips

Lip Venom Pink Shimmer

It is the same as classic Lip Venom but this one is infused with pink shimmer. ✵

Lip Venom Pink shimmer for full looking lips

Venom Flash

The same as above, exactly the same formula of Lip Venom but one is with gold shimmer and another one with silver. 

Venom flash for full looking lips
Venom Flash for full looking lips

Lip Venom 2nd Sin

This is another version and different formula then original Lip Venom. It gives a more delicate sensation of tingling on the lips. It is transparent with a delicate rosy gloss the same as Lip Venom. This one is my favorite. 

Lip Venom 2nd Sin for full looking lips

Moon Venom

This one is the same as classic Lip Venom but infused with a beautiful multi-color opalescent shimmer. Love how it looks on the lips!!

Moon Venom for full looking lips

 Twilight Venom

This could be a perfect gift for all the Vampire freaks like me. It was created in collaboration with Twilight Saga and it has a different more liquidy formula with argan oil which is a conditioner for your lip and it is infused with a red lip stain which gives a beautiful natural redness (like the one caused with bites.

Twilight Venom for full looking lips

Blue Venom

Another variation of a classic Lip Venom, but this one has a delicate blue tint and shimmer to make Your teeth appear whiter! Full lips and whiter teeth? Sounds perfect! 

Blue Venom for full looking lips

I have tried in my life a few lip plumpers and this one gives the most visible result. It goes together with the most intense tingling though. My favorites are: 2nd sin and twilight lip venom 

Do You have any experience with lip plumpers? Share it with us in the comments! Kisses