Let’s not kid ourselves, bloggers, influencers and very often normal users of social media do not publish raw, unedited photos.

If used properly, post-production gives the picture a character and atmosphere, makes your photography more professional, fixes mistakes that we made while shooting or makes up for the high-quality equipment that you do not have.

Best editing apps for bloggers

There is a great protest against editing photos caused by excessive or incapable use of it, smoothing the skin to a very extreme effect, enlarging the eyes, lips, bust, butt, slimming, etc. … This kind of editing first means that You have no idea how to do it, second You lie to other people and yourself and third sooner or later you will start to feel bad with Yourself cause in the reality you’re not as perfect!

However, I LOVE PHOTO EDITION as long as You stay true to yourself or You express your art in this way and I would love to pass you my passion. Some of my inspirations for the way that I edit are Jordan Liberty, Julia Kuzmenko, Tamara Williams. I put a lot of time and effort into producing the highest quality content that I can and many of You appreciate it a lot and want to learn how to do it too! It is so awesome. I am always honest about editing my photos and I show You also unedited content especially in my stories. 

In today’s post, I will list for You all the app, programmes and websites that I use for producing my content. ❤️

1. Photoshop

This is a base for all my pictures. Every foto that I am posting on IG first goes through this programme. I remove here the imperfections of the skin. Using the frequency separation technique which allows me to leave totally untouched all the healthy parts of my skin. About this technique, I will do a separate post in the future. In photoshop I also manipulate with the color of my background so that it is a little bit lighter and in the shade matching to the other pics in my IG feed. And for the same reason, I also fix here with curves the colors and contrast which depends from different light conditions during shooting. Often there are many other details that I fix depending from the needs of the picture. I will create in future more posts and tutorials about specific parts of retouching. In the meantime, You can visit Retouching Academy website which is a great source of knowledge about professional retouching.

Before and after retouch in photoshop macro beauty

2. Unfold

In this app, I create many of my stories, usually when I want to tell You some story or review a cosmetic or when I simply want to add more atmosphere to my stories. You can create there many nice collages, there are some options in this app that You have to shop but they cost around 2 euro per each and they are worth it. I bought 2 extensions so far and I am very satisfied with each one of them. This app is destined for creating stories in 9:16 resolution, you can also preview your stories in this app and at the end of the edition, you can download all of the clips with one click. Very comfy!

3. Snapseed

This one is kind of a photoshop for the phone. Useful when You want to edit something quickly out of your work space, or for the content in your stories. I wouldn’t use it for the color correction. There are better apps for this. In this app you can remove imperfections, you can selectively manipulate colors, you can crop, add vintage effect etc…. ah! and here you can create cool double exposure pictures!


This is, in my opinion, the best app for color correction. Unfortunately, many features have to be paid yearly (around 2-3 euro per month). I did not upgrade this app yet, but I am thinking about it. For now, I use only free features.


HUJI had its glory moment last year when all the top influencers started to use it. It gives a vintage effect like made with Huji Camera with random light leaks. Even if the whole HUJI craziness is gone, it’s still a great app. You should check it!

6. Chromic

There are many apps to cut and mash up videos or to add soundtrack but almost none of them has color correction options. After a very long research of a good app for this purpose, I found Chromic and It is the best in my opinion from everything I saw. Also in this app, You have to pay some small money to have access to all the features but if You want to color correct videos on the phone then You need it!

7. Snow

Snow has the biggest base of special effects out of all the apps that I know and it is totally for free. It has incredibly a lot of options and I still didn’t try them all. I wouldn’t use it for the color correction though, for this, You should use VSCO but to add some special effects DEFINITELY YES!

8. Da Vinci Resolve

This is the programme that I am using for a high-quality video edition on my computer. I use a free version which is totally enough for my current needs. It seems very complicated programme and at the beginning, it may scare You but give it a chance. After some practice with it, You’ll see how never-ending possibilities it gives. 

9. Royalty free photo and video stocks

To create by yourself some special effects in the photos or just to play a little bit with photoshop You can download Royalty Free pictures and videos from these websites. There are some limitations without premium accounts but the free account is totally enough for me so I guess for most of You should be ok too!

Royalty free pics and videos: