Have You ever heard of G.E.T.I.

Cosmetics Good Enough TIngest?

Btw I love the name of this brand, I think that it’s very catchy.

So let’s talk about G.E.T.I. 

Cosmetics that You can eat GETI

They are brand with 100% clean beauty concept. All of their cosmetics are made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients like cacao, beet, bamboo charcoal…So Yes, if You want You could also eat their cosmetics, but they do not guarantee a good taste 

G.E.T.I. has sent to me their Clay Rose Repairing Face MaskCacao bronzer and Beauty Lip Balm to test. 

Clay Rose Mask 

Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, Beetroot Powder, and Lavender Essential OilPrice: $15.00

I mix this mask with a little bit of rose water. It purifies my skin without drying or irritating it. It has a nice delicate smell. It works very well before makeup because it minimalizes pores appearance.

Cacao Bronzer

Ingredients: Microfiltered Organic Cacao Powder, Zea Mays (Cornstarch)Price: $15.00

This is the one thing which I wasn’t totally satisfied with. It doesn’t stick very well to the skin so it is necessary to apply it on a moist surface not fixed with powder. It is not a big price to pay for 100% clean of toxins bronzer, but for me, it is a problem because my acne always shows up on my cheeks so in order to keep the coverage in this place all day long I need to use powder. It can be a good solution for someone who doesn’t have imperfections on cheeks. And it smells insanely like chocolate!

Beauty Lip Balm

Cosmetics that You can eat geti

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Oil, Turmeric PowderPrice: $5.00

This one is my favorite! It smells great, it has a super comfortable consistency and it hydrates lips very very well + I use it also on some dry patches on my hands and it rescued my nose when I had flu recently. There is a lot of product in the package too. For 5$ You get 100% healthy, efficient and working beauty balm! 

Did You know that our skin can absorb from 20 to 70% of any chemical that we apply on it?

And the situation becomes even worse when we go out of home. Then we are not able anymore to control this how much toxins from the outside environment our body absorbs. Using clean, natural and chemical free cosmetics like G.E.T.I. helps to reduce this intoxication at least a little bit.

Shop their cosmetics here ⇾ www.geticosmetics.com