Feline Instinct Palette Sephora Collection review

Hey loves!

Feline Instinct Palette Sephora Collection reviewSome time ago I got for review Feline Instict palette in Gold Edition from Sephora Collection. Its cost is €19,90. It comes in two color editions: dark and gold. It has very solid metal packaging with a nice feline design. In the palette, names/numbers of colors are not written. They were written on a piece of paper that was in a box. A nice fact about this palette is a sponge added inside the palette next to the shadows, which is used to wipe the brush between using different colors of eyeshadows. It is very easy to take it out, to wash it so this is a hygienic solution.

As always I prefer to play with eyeshadow palette a few times before giving You my opinion. There are so many different eyeshadow formulas, and “different” does not mean “inferior”. So sometimes you have to devote some time to learn how to work with a given formula to determine if they are good or not.

Feline Instinct Palette Sephora Collection reviewSo I did with this palette. At the first use, I had a problem with mats. They did not blend very easily and had a tendency to be patchy. I tried to apply it on different bases and in a different order but the problem always remains the same. I mean… You can work them to look perfect but it takes time. The sparkling eyeshadows are kind of metallics loaded with mini glitter. They are very pretty and the quality is completely adequate for the price.

I love the color range of this palette. There are 12 colors (5 mattes and 7 metallics), mostly warm with 1 cold exception and 2 neutrals (the 3 metallics in the right corner). I would maybe add 1 more middle dark matte shade instead of one of metallics to keep a better balance and to give this palette a little bit more possibilities.

The brush added to this palette is actually really good! I did a few makeups using this brush and I have nothing to complain. That’s a big plus ➕ for this palette because usually the applicators that they add in palettes are like… You know what.

Feline Instinct Palette Sephora Collection review eye makeup Minimualist
So let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages:
➕ Decent price
➕ A nice formula of metallics
➕ Pretty packaging
➕ Great dual sided brush inside the palette
➕ Beautiful colors
➕ The variety of shades of matte and metallic eyeshadows makes the palette self-sufficient and not just an addition to the collection
➕ An added sponge for instant cleaning of brush
➕  Easy availability
➖ Matte shadows are not easy to work with
➖ Too many metallics and too little mattes
➖ Not cruelty-free
My verdict: I will use it because I like the colors in this palette and the feline concept is kind of inspiring but if I could choose only one eyeshadow palette to have, it wouldn’t be this one. If You are makeup junkie like me then try it. It does not cost a lot and maybe You will like more than me the matte eyeshadows in this palette. And you know in the end, I created with these eyeshadows few makeups that I really liked so it is not so bad.  ☮