macarons at Grué in Rome
Family, Macarons and Neil Armstrong

Last Sunday we went with Andrea to Rome. This is one of my favorite things to do during free time. I grew up in a big city, Warsaw, then I moved to another big city Rome and now I live in Latina, which has its advantages but I miss terribly big city lifestyle. So every opportunity to go to Rome which is around 70 km far from us is very much appreciated!

We had a plan for that day: lunch with Andrea’s family, Macarons at Laduree and cinema in the original language (because in Latina they only make films with dubbing, unfortunately). All the plan went smoothly instead of macarons at Laduree because they closed the place 😢. But we found another pastry shop with macarons called Gruè and to my satisfaction macarons had perfect heavenly soft consistency 💖

After the delicious dessert, we went to the cinema to see “First Man“, a movie about Neil Armstrong played by Ryan Gossling. In contrast to me, Andrea is a big fan of Ryan Gossling, but I was very interested in the subject of the film, so he convinced me to choose this one. And it was good, really good and very intense. I was already crying during the first 5 mins of the movie. I cannot tell you why but You have to trust me that it was really intense. I would like to tell you more about it but I think that You should just simply watch it 😉.

I wanted to use the occasion of being in Rome for shooting some outfit pictures. I chose a casual but spiced with a pretty belt from H&M outfit. I matched a beige coat from Unisono with a vintage skirt and sweater in extinguished shades of blue. I added the bag from Parfois to all of this also in the blue shades. It is a bag with a drawing of Amsterdam.

Hope that You spent your weekend well too!
Kisses <3