10 steps of Korean skincare routine exposed

Hello, my angels,

Have You ever heard about Korean regimen? or maybe you have heard about the uniqueness of Korean cosmetics? Today, I will tell you all about it but also I’ll dispel all your doubts about the order in which you use all your skin care cosmetics.

Korean skincare regimen is based on 10 steps. They developed their traditions and knowledge of the proper care already from 700 BCE. Most likely, it is very important for the formulas of their cosmetics, because you know… that’s many centuries of experience!


On the legacy of Korean skin care…“The first key to understanding the Korean skin-care industry is to understand the legacy behind it. Koreans have among the longest documented historical civilized legacies (dating back to 8,000 BCE) in the world. The peninsular geography with ample precipitation provided for a relatively stable socio-political environment and allowed artistic endeavors to flourish. Skin-care interest has been documented since the earliest Korean writings (700 BCE), and the Dongui Bogam, an ancient Korean medicinal text, has an entire section (the Tangaekpyeon) on preparation and use of herbal ingredients, including for skin concerns.”
On why Korean products are different than North American products…“Novel skin-care ingredients and ingredient research and refinement are something for which Koreans have a great reputation. The state-of-the-art Korean skin-care technologies (and there are several) really do lead the world. These include unique ways of processing (and fermenting) plant extracts, utilizing nanotechnologies such as nano-sulfur and nano encapsulation
of both EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor—aka human oligopeptide 1),
and retinol, as well as unique ways of formulating with silicone-based emollients. A very different way of deploying emollients is actually a much sensed but little understood key component to the uniqueness and desirability of Korean products.
“Koreans (especially women, but men as well) view the care of skin as something to savor and enjoy. When it comes to daily skin-care regimens, the ‘sense of urgency’ and compulsion to hurry and finish are typically absent. Rather than compress and hurry, Koreans prefer to stretch out the skin-care process.” source coveteur.com

Simplifying, the secret of their porcelain skin is a good double face cleansing, hyper-targeting skin issues, and sun protection. It sounds quite simple but it is not that easy, unfortunately!

Let’s go through all 10 steps!


So first you need to massage your skin with some oil cleanser. The thinner the oil the better cause it will be more gentle to your skin. This process will melt all your makeup and will do the initial cleansing of your face. I like to use this one from Crystal Hearts Cosmetics which is not exactly an oil, it is sherbet though it is kind of coconut oil consistency.
💦 Glacial water cleansing sherbet


Next, You have to remove all the remaining oil, dirt, makeup, particles from Your face with a gentle foam cleanser and warm water (in temperature of your body). You should do double cleansing every evening. In the morning You can skip the oil and do just foam cleansing. Right now I am using the one from Darphin but I liked a lot also Caudalie.
💧 Caudalie


This step shouldn’t be used daily, but just a few times per week when necessary. This step renews your skin by removing the dead cells. I usually do it with the sonic cleansing brush from Michael Todd or with peeling from Ziaja
💕 Ziaja
💕Michael Todd


This is one of the steps that I was ignoring for so long and finally this year I started to appreciate it a lot! Toner prepares your skin for absorbing all of the active ingredients later but the most important is that it restores the correct skin pH which was damaged by cleansing cosmetics. According to Korean tradition, You should use your hands to apply toner instead of cotton cloths to avoid any irritation. Right now I am using this one from XOUL which is very luxurious Korean skincare. I also use this mist to set my makeup at the end. It gives a beautiful glow!
💗Intensive Cell Re-Vital Mist


Here start the most important steps for skincare. All the cosmetics that we are going to apply from now are in order from the lightest formulas to the heaviest ones. Ampoule or essence contains active ingredients which are meant to regenerate the skin and optimize the absorption of all the following cosmetics. I just started to practice this step with ampoule from XOUL and I am thrilled cause I like it too much and it means that my wallet will suffer.
💙Intensive Cell Re-Vital Ampoule


The difference between essence and serum is that serum is thicker in consistency. However, in the shops, You can notice that’s not always the case. Most of the brands treat the distinction for essence and serum as a marketing gimmick that will make you buy more products than you need. But these from XOUL are made as they should be.
💜Intensive Cell Recovery Serum


And this is the step that surprised me a lot! Because I was always used to apply my mask right after cleansing my face and I was so wrong. Cause even if You skip ampoule and serum, before masking You should always use a toner. You do not have to do this step every day. 2-3 times per week should be good enough. If You would like to feel like in the most luxurious Spa at home then You have to try these sheet masks. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m not joking. After this cell illuminating mask I woke up 2 years of stress younger. It was awesome! And I think that these masks are so perfect to prepare the bride for her wedding makeup if You work as a Makeup Artist. If You do not like reach consistencies or if you have very seborrheic complexion then Solution Facial Mask will be better for You.
💝Cell Illuminating 3-Step Mask Pack
💝Solution Facial Mask Pack


As probably You know skin around your eyes is much thinner and sensitive so it is important to treat it with cosmetics that are adequate for this zone. This step should be done preferably twice a day. Right now I use the one from Estee Lauder.
💃Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex


And here comes the cream. Finally! This should be a reach formula and the most concentrated. The one from XOUL is super rich though it doesn’t block my pores completely at all. It’s almost incredible for me and never happened before. Even more… it gives the legendary glass skin effect which is so incredible base under makeup and it makes the skin so soft, younger and relaxed.
💘Intensive Cell Re-Vital Cream


The last step depends on when You do it. In the morning you should apply sunscreen and in the evening sleeping mask. I must honestly say that I do skip this last step almost always. With sunscreens, my problem is that each one that I have ever tried, even the ones that are especially for acne skin or sensitive skin, they always block my pores. While sleeping mask I didn’t really try from a very long time but It seems to me like too much product on my face already so I just skip it. But I definitely should try this regimen fully also with this last step.

That was a long ride!
What do You think about this skincare regimen? Would You like to try it or maybe you already did? I am so curious about your opinion because it is a quite demanding skincare programme. Is it worth it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.