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This time I have for You something about fashion!
Polish brands Venezia and Unisono were so kind to sponsor my outfit for the gala of Influencer Awards Monaco 2018. These brands seemed like a perfect match for me as I am Polish based in Italy and some of their clothes are made in Italy! That’s where the name Venezia comes from.

I got from them beautiful and high-quality shoes, bag and jacket which made me feel like a princess and were definitely adequate to meeting with Royal Family of Monaco. My concept for the outfit from the same beginning was in vintage style. I love to put retro inspirations in my stylizations.

Venezia and Unisono at Influencer Awards Monaco
I found these beautiful, amazing shoes from Venezia in Marie Antoinette style which stole my heart! TOTALLY 💗 They are also super comfortable! I am not wearing high heels never cause my experience with them was not very good in the past but this pair of shoes is more comfortable than many of my flats!  LOVE IT!!  BUY THESE SHOES → Venezia shoes
Venezia and Unisono at Influencer Awards Monaco
I was protected from first autumn colds with this elegant minimalistic style jacket (you know how much I love minimalism) 😼 which matched perfectly with gold, black and electric blue color palette of my outfit.  GET IT HERE → Unisono jacket
Venezia and Unisono at Influencer Awards Monaco
And the last thing that I needed to complete this look was an elegant clutch bag. Cause you cannot go to meet Royal Family with a normal casual bag. 😁 GET A BAG → Venezia bag
Venezia and Unisono at Influencer Awards Monaco
You can see all of the clothes in action during the gala and the preparations in my Instagram story:
Thank You Venezia and Unisono for these beautiful pieces! 💗