Crystalhearts cosmetics review!

It has been again a long time of absence on my blog. I am sorry about that… Do You want to hear my excuses? I will be quick! Well, I took very seriously preparations for Monaco so I was hunting some perfect pieces of the outfit and that was not easy… I mean, If I would have a huge amount of money to spend on that then probably It would be much easier  Then I also got more makeup jobs in September then usually plus I had so many cosmetics to review this month and I just did not find time to write new articles for the blog. If You want to stay updated with this what is happening in my life on an everyday basis You have to watch my story on Instagram  But here we are!

Today I want to review for You cosmetics from a brand called Crystal HeartsIt is an American brand from California. I am testing them already for a while and I did a few makeups with them and  I am ready to give my final thoughts!

Tutorial using Crystal Hearts Cosmetics

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Crystalhearts cosmetics review!

Let’s start with Eye & Cheek palette. In the palette there are 10 eyeshadows (5 matte and 5 shimmers), 2 brightening satin matte powder, 1 illuminating powder and 1 illuminating blush. The price is 38 $. For all of these cosmetics, it is not a lot.

The colours in this palette are a mix of cool and warm shades. They are quite classic and universal shades with which You can create day and evening makeup. There aren’t any crazy bright colours, all of them are quite moderate. I enjoyed a lot the consistency of matte eyeshadows, they are very pigmented and easily blendable.

I had only some problems with blending “Jet nut” which needs a little bit more time to be blended to perfection. About shimmers… they are not blinding, I mean… I like blinking eyeshadows and these look quite flat if we do not apply it wet. Though if you like more modest and less extravagant makeup then maybe You would love them.

Makeup done with Crystalhearts cosmetics Deja Vu palette

What about blush and powders?

Makeup done with Crystal Hearts Cosmetics Deja Vu palette

They are totally awesome! The blush is rosy pink with golden reflexes and it looks incredibly beautiful! With this blush, there is no more need for a highlighter.

And the powders… In the beginning, I was having doubts because I was not exactly sure why in this palette there are 3 brightening powders. On first sight, all of them looked matt but with different undertones. But after swatching them I discovered that “Crystal Moonlight” is shimmery but it has very delicate and elegant sheen which I find perfect for highlighting the browbone or sides of my forehead.

And 2 other powders are now my favorite powders to set an under eye concealer! Because they are brightening delicately, leaving a satin finish and they set concealer perfectly preventing it from creasing. They have very thin and natural looking texture.

I must also mention that I love the packaging, the design, this how big is the mirror and that the names of colours are right next to eyeshadows!

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Now let’s talk about lipsticks from Crystal Hearts Cosmetics! They cost 16 $.
Chrissa and Brandie, liquid lipsticks from Crystal Hearts Cosmetics review

I got two shades (Chrissa and Brandie), one very bright Barbie pink and one chocolate brown. I like their consistency, it is a good balance of being liquidy and creamy. 

  • They are very pigmented so with one swipe You have full coverage.
  • dry out totally matte after more or less 3-4 mins.
  • do not crack after applying another layer, but this step is not necessary because they have a lot of pigment.
  • are not a type of liquid lipstick which stays on lips like Max Factor, Lip Sense, Rimmell or Deborah Milano.

However, they are more long lasting then classic matte lipsticks. The applicator is a classic lip gloss wand with a precise tip. You can see how they apply and look on lips in the video above. ↑They have some more beautiful colours in their offer. I would love to try them more! The colours that I think are the most interesting are: Alani, Diana and Rose  <3

Chrissa, liquid lipstick from Crystal Hearts Cosmetics review

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The last thing that I tested is Glacial Water Cleansing Sherbet. It costs 14 $ for 30ml and 24 $ for 90 ml.This is a makeup remover with the consistency of coconut oil in temperature around 19 Celsius Degrees. So not yet liquid but not any more hard. 

Glacial Water Cleansing Sherbet from Crystal Hearts Cosmetics review

 How to use it? You take a little bit of product on your fingers and you massage your makeup to melt it away. After You wipe it away with a cotton cloth or cotton pads. Glacial Water Cleansing Sherbet features oryza sativa (rice) bran extract and glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract to help brighten and nourish your skin. It removes makeup very well, it seems also very efficient because You need a very small amount to remove makeup from all face.

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