8 Biggest mistakes of beginner Instagrammers

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in developing a career in social media, or maybe you are just curious about how it works because being an influencer is a whole new profession, about which we have not read anything in school textbooks.
I started my adventure with publishing my makeup works on Facebook. → Have a look
It was not anything serious for the first few years… I started to think about exploring this path more professionally in February 2016 when I moved from Poland to Italy. And this is when my adventure has started! I am doing this + freelance job of makeup artist full time from almost 1 year.

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I am not yet the most experienced person in this field, actually, I am still far from this but…
I’ve been sitting on this topic for some time and I’ve already made a whole lot of errors, which certainly really slowed down my development. But, as I mentioned, you have to learn the influencer profession most of the time on your own mistakes or on the advice of others in the profession cause it is a totally new job field!

And I created this list for this purpose!
Perhaps you will raise faster than me if you take these tips to Your heart. If You would like to add something to my list, please leave a comment! <3

So… What are the 8 biggest mistakes of beginner Instagrammers??

This is so common mistake and a very serious one. Almost everyone does it at the beginning. If You are a fan of Lady Gaga it doesn’t mean that You have to try to be her. Yes, it is normal to take inspirations from people around You. But through your art and your content should speak your own personality. You need to think like an artist in this job. Be a CREATOR! Find a balance between inspired content and your own art of creation! The biggest problem about copying other people’s style is that it will make You more and more deeply frustrated every day. You can lose yourself and that’s not something that You would like.

Create your own style and bring to life your most crazy ideas because they help You discover who You really are and what You wanna do. 

Ok… this subject is problematic for me… I did use this strategy for a while in the past and it is pure evil 🙈 Maybe your following seems like it is growing but are they good followers? Nah. Sooner or later You will lose them all and they won’t engage with your content cause they will not be really interested in your work. Think about gaining your followers like about creating some kind of relationship… If You want to be influential and respected for your good advice then You need people’s trust and You will not gain their trust by using this stupid strategy… I know what I’m talking about unfortunately… And the worst is that if You have already tried this strategy then it is really difficult to go out of this loop… DON’T DO IT!

As I mentioned in the previous point, to be successful in this field You need to have people’s trust and that’s not something that is built quickly and effectively. You need time to make it no matter what… So do not imagine that You can start this career in one day or 1 month or anything like that. This will help You to avoid disappointment. 🙂

It is one of my posts from two years ago… It was more or less the beginning of my Instagram adventure. You can compare it to my present posts and observe a 2-year progress.

Now something more technical. When You scroll your feed on Instagram, horizontal pictures are disappearing on your screen cause they are too short. The best are vertical pictures and videos in 4:5 size, they fulfill almost all the screen so for sure no one will miss them.

8 Biggest mistakes of beginner Instagrammers

I know that it hurts… Especially when You put so much heart and work in creating something. But there are things that we cannot change. Instagram’s algorithm works in this way. If You do not know how it works then read this article → The New Instagram Algorithm Has Arrived – Here’s How it Works.
So please do not lose faith in yourself because of the numbers which are not as high as You expected… That happens and all of us suffer because of it… It doesn’t happen only to You and the only result of taking over too much is anxiety which blocks You from creating cool content.

Here You have an example of very not succesfull post of mine…

This is a hardly detectable case. We are often unaware that we pretend to be someone we are not. Usually, this is a side effect of trying to discover yourself and your own style. And why is it so dangerous? Because the people who follow You, they follow the person that You are not… and what happens when You finally discover yourself? They do not like your work.. and they unfollow You. And what happens next? You start to think that the person which You really are is not attractive enough for a large following.  Yeah… that happened also to me… and it is just another thing that You have to ignore cause You cannot change it… Just be yourself no matter what and the right people will come to You… (SHOUTOUT to @beautybekky who said to me this last sentence when we were together in Monaco <3).

It is much better to skip a post than to post a low quality, totally useless and not interesting content. Don’t do it. Keep your quality high. I know it is difficult but trust me, looking at this one shitty post somewhere between your good posts is so painful… Luckily it is possible to delete or archive posts but better just not to post it and save some time. 😛 But don’t understand me wrong. I think that it is extremely important to be regular with your posting and to do it often (I am trying to post something new at least once per day) but it is even more important to keep the right level.

Never ever lose your faith! When You work for a company usually most of the fails and unsuccessful projects and its consequences do not touch You or do not interest You at all, but it doesn’t mean that they are not there. So my point is that when You start to be self-employed and You are kind of  a 1 person company all of the problems and fails are coming just to You so you think that there are too many of them and in the flood of all these unsuccessful operations, you do not notice things that you have managed to achieve. Stay positive! Always try to improve and evolve. Face all of the problems but try to keep calm and remember all your successes.

That would be all… I think that this list is also kind of therapy to me. 🤣
These problems are real and probably most of us “Influencers” face it every day. Even if I’m aware of these problems and mistakes it is not easy to avoid doing them sometimes.
Hope that You found this article usefull.

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