Viva la Diva makeup review + swatches

Hey loves!
Some time ago I got PR box with cosmetics of Viva la Diva.
After some time of testing, I am ready to give You my opinion!

Viva La Diva is an all Swedish make-up brand born in Stockholm.
Some products are also vegan (click here to see →→ list of vegan cosmetics).
I got to test: contouring palette, eyebrow pencils, concealers and foundation.

I have mixed feelings because there are things that I like and others that no so much.
But let’s go one by one.


I got a palette in colour “medium/dark”. First of all, I really like the packaging. It has a nice design, it is very handy and cardboard (personally I like cardboard packaging, I think it is very practical). It also seems to be of high quality. Inside, there is a sufficiently large mirror, also good quality.

Viva la Diva Contouring palette review + swatches

Inside you can find a QR code with a tutorial on how to properly contour your face. Also on the back of the packaging is explained where to apply which colors. All colours have their names, described inside next to a given colour. It’s also a plus, I do not like when I need to look for the color names on the back of the package. Besides, I like the names very much, they stimulate my culinary imagination. I immediately become hungry!

The names are:

  • warm milk
  • sweet honey
  • brown sugar
  • caramel praline
  • hot chocolate
  • cacao temptation. 

Unfortunately, the colours that are in the palette are completely unmatched to my type of beauty to create a natural looking makeup (except for a bright shade and illuminator: warm milk and sweet honey). But if I really wanted, I could gently use the caramel praline colorr. The consistency is nice but you have to be careful with these powders because they are very highly pigmented. I would recommend them to someone who already has some practice in applying bronzers.

I would also like to mention something about the illuminator. It is very strong and bright, It is actually blinding, but you can not see it in the pictures. 

Certainly, I will use this palette if I will do makeup on dark skins but also for eye make-up because the palette of bronzes, which is in this palette is beautiful and quite unusual. These are red and very warm browns. The coolest shade is the darkest one. So basically I recommend you this pallet, just make sure that the colours will be right for You.


Eyebrows pencils I got in 3 colours:

  • bright brown
  • soft brown
  • intense brown

I use the lightest one with warm tones “bright brown”.

Viva la Diva Triangular Eyebrow Pencil review + swatches

This pencil is definitely my favourite cosmetic from all of this what I got.  It is double sided. On one side it has a pencil and on the other one a spoolie. It’s always very convenient to have such a 2 in 1 product. The pencil has a triangular shape, to which I was not convinced some time ago but after trying this type of pencils from various brands I even started to like it. 

Two things that I love about this pencil are:

  • colour
  • and consistency

The color is just totally perfect for me. I have never ever had a pencil which would color match me so perfectly! It is neutral/warm light brown. Usually, eyebrow cosmetics, which go on the warm side, are either too yellow or too green. But this one is perfect!

The consistency is very waxy, thanks to which it stays very well and additionally makes our hair does not move from the place. It is much longer lasting than the pencil from the Nyx Cosmetics that I used earlier. I sincerely recommend that you try this pencil! Especially if you, like me, are blonde with golden reflections.

Viva la Diva Triangular eyebrow pencil review + swatches


Now let’s move to less liked products by me. I got concealers (in n. 1 pure light and n. 2 naked) and foundation (n. 3 warm sand). 

Let’s start with the concealers. Their only advantage is that they are light, apply a thin layer and have a nice finish. But all this at the cost of coverage, which is almost invisible. I do not like applying products with too much coverage under the eyes (especially because I do not have a problem with dark circles under my eyes) but this concealer does not do completely anything! Maybe if you have a really perfect skin under your eyes then you can use it but if you really have such a perfect skin, why would you use the concealer 

Viva la Diva Conealer and foundation review + swatches

Another problem that I noticed is their colour. Both colours that I have are almost identical and both fall into different tones after drying, which I do not like.

UPDATE: I actually started to enjoy them after a few months during the accutane treatment which causes extremely dry skin.

Foundation… Well…There are not many bad things that I can say about this foundation. The problem is that if I do not like the finish, it does not seem too natural … It looks heavy even if you do not feel it when wearing it on your skin. Besides … I have much better foundations. I think I will not go for this one often. The advantage I need to mention is the capacity. This foundation is 40 ml, it is a lot.

UPDATE: Also this foundation I started to enjoy while having dry skin. I guess they are not good for oily skin types, but dry types will love them!

It also has good coverage.You know with foundations it is like with shampoo and skincare. Everyone likes something else. I do not give up on this foundation completely, maybe in some time when my skin will change its properties for autumn, I will try it again and maybe then it will suit me. I’m not saying that this foundation is bad, I just have my favorites now and this one does not beat them or does not compare to them. Let me know in the comments if You used cosmetics from Viva la Diva and how did you like them!