Annabelle Minerals foundation and powder review

Today’s post is for those of you who like a natural look, cosmetics with simple and healthy ingredients and a light makeup!

Review of Annabelle Minerals cosmetics!

What is special about Annabelle Minerals?

  • 100% MINERAL

The minerals which You can find in their cosmetics are:

  • MICA.

Annabelle Minerals is a polish brand what makes me very happy because their cosmetics have made a huge impression on me!

What did I test?

I got to test a matte foundation in colour “Golden fair” + tester of radiant foundation in “natural medium” and “pretty glow” radiant powder. 

Let’s start with Mineral Foundation.

Wearing the Annabelle Minerals foundation
Here I am wearing the Annabelle Minerals foundation

The colour “golden fair” was a bit too light for me because now I’m very tanned so I mixed it with the “natural medium” colour. So I mixed two formulas of foundation: matte and radiant. These foundations mix very well, even if they have different formulas.

When I was choosing a foundation for me on their website, I chose the matt one because on the site it was recommended for the acne skin that I own. However, I am very happy that I got a sample of the illuminating foundation because this mix gave an amazing make-up finish. The perfect balance between the matt and sheen.

My experience with mineral foundations in the past wasn’t very good.

My past experience with mineral makeup was not the best, that’s why I had some prejudice before trying these cosmetics. However, I was wrong, because this time it was completely different than the cosmetics I tried before. 

The foundation for me had perfect coverage, i.e. not too strong but nicely unifying skin tone. This coverage can be built on some bigger imperfections. The mix I did, gave a beautiful natural finish. No makeup effect. The makeup lasted very well during the day. Maybe not a few hours in 40 degrees Italian seaside temperature but in normal conditions or to work I am sure it will be great.

But what’s best in this foundation is that it is imperceptible on the skin, it is very light and also its composition is the biggest advantage. Using this foundation gives you a sense of security because you do not apply any harmful chemicals to your face.

My verdict about mineral foundation from Annabelle Minerals:

This foundation is definitely recommended by me and recently it dethronized my favourite Burjois BB cream. 10/10

Below You can see a short video tutorial with a closeup on the skin wearing the mineral foundation from Anabelle Minerals

Now let’s talk about powder. 

Annabelle Minerals foundation and powder review

I chose Illuminating powder which really illuminates your skin. With my acne textures on the skin I wouldn’t use it all over my face but if your skin is soft without any visible texture imperfections the You can surely use it all over your face for a beautiful glowy skin!

Me with my skin problems I enjoy a lot using this powder under my eyes, on my nose and in the middle of my forehead where my skin is soft.

This powder has an interesting formula because it seems a little bit wet. It doesn’t leave your skin completely dry either. I think that all of you who has dry skin type should check this powder out! It can be the best solution for you! Despite this wet texture, it sets a concealer under eyes very well and prevents it from creasing. 

My verdict:

Well yes… also this powder is approved by me and recommended! At this moment it is the best powder to set my concealer that I have.
So, to summarize, I liked the Annabelle Minerals cosmetics, which I tested. Certainly, they have made me want to try their colour cosmetics as well because they also make blushes and eyeshadows. Using their cosmetics gives great satisfaction and a sense of taking care of yourself by limiting harmful substances. I recommend to try it! 

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