Recently, I had the opportunity to test the novelty of Wunder 2, their Last & Foundation concealer and I am ready to give You my opinion!

Shades and capacity of Last & Foundation concealer:

It comes in 4 pretty shades (numbers from 1 to 4). It contains 8 ml of product which is quite a lot as for the concealer (my favourite Catrice concealer is 5 ml, anti-age from Maybelline 6,8 ml). The packaging is a tube, which is very appreciated by Makeup Artists because of the hygiene of work.

Last & Foundation concealer from Wunder 2 Cosmetics review

On the packaging is written: high coverage and transfer-resistant concealer.
And I must say that I totally agree! It is one of these concealers which REALLY doesn’t need to be set with powder. It dries out totally and it can not be moved.

Last & Foundation concealer from Wunder 2 Cosmetics review

The consistency is very liquid. For this reason, to avoid absorbing too much product by the sponge I suggest to apply it with a brush or first distribute it on your skin with a finger and then tap with a sponge.

The coverage of this concealer is well described as high, I would not say full, I don’t think that it would cover for example tattoo, but probably first I should try to do this before giving my final opinion about it  Anyway it has high coverage which will be enough in most cases. The coverage of this concealer can be built by adding layers.

So what is my verdict about Last & Foundation concealer?

Last & Foundation concealer from Wunder 2 Cosmetics review

I love it! It beats my favourite concealer from Catrice with packaging and it is even more long-lasting. I would like it to be available in a wider range of colours. Now I am very dark after suntanning and my perfect shade is between 2 and 3 so I mix them however it would be perfect to add a few more shades in between already existing shades.

Ah! And good news for all the palest ones! Number 1 is so light that It will be great for all of You who is totally white like me during the winter time. And also it has beautiful neutral shade, not too yellow and not pink.

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Last & Foundation concealer from Wunder 2 Cosmetics: watch how I apply it:

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