Influencer Awards Monaco 2018
Minimualist Nominee for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 in category beauty

If You follow me on Instagram then for sure You know that I have been nominated for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 in category beauty (  I still cannot believe it, my excitement reached Everest and I can’t sleep at night because of this! 

Thank You all for following me and voting for me in such a big number!! Thanks to You I got this nomination… I am incredibly grateful! 

In today’s post, I would like to tell You some details about these awards.

Here is a fragment of description from the website of Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 (with my comments):

“For the influencer awards the first edition, Monaco will welcome the most influential talents from the web for an unforgettable weekend, our VIPs (yea I am gonna be a VIP ) will be helicoptered (h e l i c o p t e r e d ) into Monaco from Nice Airport.
That evening a welcome dinner will be hosted, our IAM ambassador Pauline of Monaco (the princess of Monaco! can you belive it?? ) will be greeting our guests, followed by a party, in one of  Monte-carlo’s temple of clubbing (omg, it sounds so mysterious, I can not wait to discover this temple! ).

On Sunday the 7th – We kick off with a lavish champagne brunch  (lavish champagne brunch, not sure what lavish means but I am gonna be luxurious AF ) . In the evening – the much anticipated “Red carpet” gala begins ( I am already stressed for this red carpet), a ceremony rewarding influencers in ten categories.”

Hope You liked my funny spontaneous comments  I checked in a dictionary what lavish means and I was right, it means something like extravagant, generous, abundant.

The jury members of Influencer Awards Monaco are:

Minimualist Nominee for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 in category beauty

The categories of Influencer Awards Monaco 2018:

  • health&fitness,
  • lifestyle,
  • food,
  • fashion,
  • entertainment,
  • green&philantropist,
  • travel,
  • beauty,
  • art&photography,
  • parenting.

In each category, there are different numbers of nominees from this what I saw, but for example, in my category (beauty) there are 16 nominees.

And You know what, there is also Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis (in the end they didn’t show up ;().

Minimualist Nominee for Influencer Awards Monaco 2018 in category beauty

I do not know how is it possible that I am nominated together with so huge influencers like them but It is so and that is why I am so excited. In my category, I am definitely the smallest influencer (I am talking about numbers of followers etc.).

If You would like to join this gala, it is possible to buy a ticket. It costs quite a lot (850 euros) but it is an opportunity to live amazing experience and meet all of the stars and celebrities who will be there (also me ;D ).

So now when I explained to You what do I have to deal with in October, you understand how big is the importance of this event. And I am freaking out about my outfits, hair and all of this stuff 
At least I do not have to worry about makeup 

Feel free to give me some outfit suggestions etc…

UPDATE: See what I was wearing ->