In today’s post, I will tell you a little about the best natural ways to fight acne!

I am going through a long way with this problem and at that time I appreciated the natural cosmetics, lacking in chemistry and toxins, which can additionally degrade the skin’s condition. 
These are the ways, thanks to which despite the problems with hormonal acne, my skin looks radiant and smooth. 
Quite a talk! let’s get to the point!

The 3 best natural remedies for acne
Tea tree oil from The Body Shop
1. ACNE remedy n.1 is tea tree oil
This oil is the best used on spots. It is also recommended to add a drop of this oil to your cream and apply it in this way to the whole face but because of its drying properties, I do not recommend it!
After washing my face and toning in the evening I apply just a tiny little bit on some fresh acne spots and I leave it for all the night. In the morning the situation is much much better and inflammation is reduced.

You can get yours here → TEA TREE OIL

TIP: If You want this remedy to work do not touch, scratch, squeeze or extract your acne! I know it is very difficult, but it is really very important! 
The 3 best natural remedies for acne - activated carbon2. ACNE remedy n.2 is activated carbon mask
First I will tell you how do I prepare this mask. It is very easy! Active carbon You can buy in a pharmacy in tablets. Then you have to crush it at home with a hammer or a mortar. I always sand down everything and store it in a small jar. Then when you prepare the portion of the mask you have to mix it with liquid. It can be, for example, water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar. Remember that you don’t have to put too much liquid, it needs to have a consistency of a paste. But with time you will learn alone the best proportions. I use more or less one teaspoon of charcoal and 1/3 teaspoon of liquid. When the ingredients are well mixed your mask is ready. I apply it to my face avoiding the area of eyes and I leave it for more or less 15-20 mins. This masks mattifies and cleanses your skin very well. I use it once per week or when I notice that my skin is becoming very oily, especially during the period.

I get my carbon here (You get 120 tablets in a very good prize!) → CHARCOAL

3. ACNE remedy n.3 is apple cider vinegar
The 3 best natural remedies for acne - apple vinegarThis is one makes miracles! This is the best remedy that I used for dark spots after acne. It works very quickly but at the same time is quite aggressive so be careful not to overdo it and check it in one small place on the skin if you are not too sensitive before starting regular use! I used it instead of tonic because it sensationally restores the proper pH to the skin. It works like an enzyme peeling. During the use of this vinegar, I have not used any other exfoliating products. Beautifully smooths the skin and unifies the color. Additionally, it works antibacterially. I used it on all face but you can use it locally. One but a serious minus is its terrible smell. Not everyone is able to sacrifice and use it regularly on the skin, especially so close to the nose 😛 I forced myself and I have effects! I got rid of the most discolorations from my skin. Currently, I have replaced vinegar with rose water, because I do not need to brighten anything anymore and my Andrea wanted to have rest from the smell of apple cider vinegar. I highly recommend it!

I always use these (You can get them at Conad) → APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

TIP: Although pay attention when You apply it on some fresh acne because it can burn a lot!

These are all my favorite natural acne remedies! Do You know something different what can help to fight acne? Please let us know and leave a comment!
Kisses! 🌟

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