Everyone has their habits or basic rules that shape who you are and what you do. The same applies to make-up. This post is about what are my deviations in this matter. I’m saying “deviations” because these rules do not always make much sense from a side perspective but are foundations to me.

1. I do not regulate and do not shape my eyebrows.

I think that the era of perfect eyebrows is already in decline. So maybe this point will not be a big surprise but yes, I’m not pulling out my eyebrows for over a year. I give them regularity only with a make-up when there is such a need.

2. I HATE grey colors in makeup.

In my opinion, gray is a color that takes away beauty from everyone, literally. There are no people for me that look great in gray. Of course, you can make a pretty gray makeup, but it’s not easy, because it’s just a not flattering color.

3. I think black color does not suit me in makeup at all!

This is strange, because the black eyeliner is a classic, and the black eyeshadow adds a beautiful intensity to the smoky eye. But what can I do about it? I just feel bad in black on the eyes or lips. I have the impression as I would age and get tired a lot. Instead of a black eyeliner, I use dark brown or burgundy. The only exception is mascara. I like it the darkest as possible.

4. I think that slightly visible imperfections look much better than 100% unified complexion. 

Very often I do not even put a foundation on my nose so that I can see a bit of freckle and redness.

5. Ok, now I probably get a lot of hates. but … I do not like false eyelashes. 

You could notice it on my IG profile, I never post makeups with falsies. Even if I have naturally very light and straight eyelashes, I still prefer mine then falsies. Eyes with false eyelashes seem to be exaggerated and heavy. Sometimes it happens that also I will like the effect of falsies, but rarely.

6. Last but not least! My perfect contouring powder is illuminating. 

And you must admit that it is quite unusual. Because everyone knows that what we contour must be matt to darken and hide this area. However … my beloved cosmetic for contouring gives a beautiful glow, the intensity of which depends on the perspective. You can not see on your face that it shines very clearly (you can see it very much when you are doing a swatch on the hand) but it has the finish of a healthy, moisturized skin.

What are Your makeup deviations? Come on, everybody has one!