6th of May I had my 25th birthday!

The national park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

Birthday for me is a wonderful opportunity to travel a little bit. The same last year as the current one, Andrea decided to organize a surprise trip for me. A year ago it was Tuscany, near the small town of Pienza, and this year it was the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise!

We woke up very early because it was just a 1-day trip. First of all, I did my birthday makeup! Something simple and natural but making me feel beautiful for all day long! I used all the long-lasting cosmetics to make sure that I will not have to fix anything during the day. Also because the weather forecasts were not very good! Rains and cold temperatures were foreseen.

I used:

  • Revlon Color Stay foundation  
  • Matte Setting Spray from Nyx Cosmetics 
  • Wunder Extensions Stain and I must mention that this mascara is incredible and you calmly go with this mascara inside the sea, swimming pool or wherever you want! It will last through EVERYTHING! In the same time, it looks very pretty on eyelashes. 
  • For my eyebrows, I used Tame & Frame Pomade from Nyx Cosmetics. 
  • The blush was from Deborah Milano but they do not produce anymore the color that I use. 
  • As a bronzer and eyeshadows, I used the palette from Nyx.
  • As my eye pencil, I used waterproof Aqua XL Eye Pencil from Makeup Forever.

While I was making my makeup, Andrea made a surprise with a cake and a present. He prepared my favorite, beloved pistachio cheesecake. And it was delicious! I’m lucky Andrea is so capable in the kitchen! And as a gift, I got 4 pairs of super Happy Socks. One of them I dressed right away!
When we finished eating the cheesecake and I finished preparing for the going out, we got into the car and went into the unknown (only for me)!

We traveled about 3 hours, on the way we ate a croissant and drank a cappuccino because the trip without a stop at the snack cannot take place. We finally arrived in Pescasseroli. A small town in the mountains at an altitude of 1167 m. There, we visited a small zoo with a natural museum, where we saw the bears, wolves, and deer. In addition, in the museum, we took a few nice leaflets of the Abruzzo region, which I use to write this article!

After a short walk through this charming town, we moved a few kilometers further to one of the trails of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, la Camosciara. We chose a short and easy trail because we did not have enough time to go on a great trip! But we will make up for it yet!

Maybe a few words about the National Park of Abruzzo…WHERE NATURE AND HUMAN BEINGS LIVE TOGETHER

It is a region in the center of Italy, which contains a beautiful part of the Apennines. It is full of beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes. 60% of its territory is covered by beautiful beech forests, together with oaks, maples, yews and rare birch and black pine formations. The symbol of the park is the Marsican Brown Bear, it is a very shy and peaceful type of bear. You can find there also wolves, deer, roe deer, hare, badger, martens, golden eagle, lanner falcon, raven, eagle owl, white-backed woodpecker and many others…  The park is not only famous for its nature but also for the culture and traditions, artistic craft works, typical productions, agriculture.

We had a beautiful walk with Andrea in this park. On the way, we had amazing views, waterfalls and lots of horses! The weather surprised us a lot, instead of the rain we had the sun. It started to rain later when we were coming back home. We had lunch prepared in containers with us and beers so we could eat and drink in the mountains with beautiful views.

After the expedition in the park, we drove up to a small mountain town called Opi in search of traditional delicacies but to our surprise, everything was closed, and there was no one on the streets! We returned to Pescasseroli and there we had coffee and we ate a cannolo on a stick with white chocolate and coconut.

We started to come home late in the afternoon because we had another important plan for this day … PIZZA! and not just any pizza but our favourite one in the pizzeria in Latina “Posillipo”.
After a delicious pizza, we finished the day with a bottle of wine and a good movie at home. We watched “Youth” of Paolo Sorrentino.

And that would be enough. Day of debauchery, nature, peace and quiet and beautiful views. In this way, I want to spend my birthday until the end of my life!
I hope that I have encouraged you to visit Abruzzo! Definitely worth it and certainly I will be there again! Because one day is not enough. I would like to go there for a few days, walk through the mountains and go for some traditional delicacies!

PS: All the pictures are taken by me and Andrea.