Have you ever wondered how it is possible to create the perfect drawing of the lips with so much irregularness in the shape of the lips and impertinence on the skin? If so, then I will explain it to you step by step!

First of all, as always, the most important is a good base for makeup! So remember to peel and moisturize your lips regularly. In this way, lipstick has a chance to look spectacular and to stay longer. Remember, however, to not put lipstick or lip pencil on a thick, oily layer of cream or lip balm because your lipstick will flow right away.


Before applying lip make-up, you can gently cover the area with a foundation or concealer and fix it with a little bit of powder, but not too much!


Now use a lip pencil, remember to make it sharp so that you get the most precision! First, draw the central axis of your lips, this will make the next steps easier!


Now trace the middle border of the lower lip.


Then connect the outer corners with the line You just drew. Remember to draw symmetrical arches.


It’s time to draw your cupid bow! This stage depends on your taste, you can follow the natural shape, you can draw it flat or also enhance it. Depends on you! The most important thing is to have the same on both sides. To do this, mark the dots on both sides on the highest point of the arch at the same height.


Connect outer corners with the cupid bow. Start to draw the line from the outside to the inside, not opposite! Bend arches gently to the top, not down.


Fill the contour that you have just drawn with the lipstick in a similar shade.

Well done!

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