If you are surprised by the possibilities of technology such as: unblocking your phone with your face or controlling all the equipment at home through an application on your phone then you must hear about Dyson Pure Cool!

Dyson Pure Cool review

What is Dyson Pure Cool?

It is an air purifier and a fan in one, a very advanced technology but very easy to use. It analyzes the air condition in your apartment non-stop.

But right before I go to describe my experiences with Dyson Pure Cool… You probably ask yourself why is the review of this equipment on my blog? I am not a news blogger in the world of technology … Well, Dyson was nice enough to send me an air purifier in the “desk” format. It is a bit smaller and round than his bigger brother, which is a tower.

And why did Dyson chose me for the reviewer of its exclusive product?

And this is because this cleaner first is a sensational complement to your daily care. In the clean air, especially at night the skin regenerates much better. Secondly greatly improves the working conditions in my make-up studio!

What does it do actually.

Now, I would like to tell you a little bit about what Dyson Pure Cool really cleanses. I will try to put it in the simplest words!

  • It filters the air in 360 degrees.
  • Using carbon and glass filters, it catches 99.95% of allergens and harmful particles in the air of up to 0.1 micron2 (the tiniest ones).
  • It removes all impurities that are not visible to the eye, about which we had no idea! These include: bacteria, environmental pollution, atmospheric particles, pollen, detergents, particles of animal faeces floating in the air, perfumed candles, fumes, gases, etc.
  • It can work in fan mode (very useful in summer) or not (when the air is diffused and no wind is generated).
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How Dyson Pure Cool takes care of our health…

With Andrea, we both suffer from allergies to pollen and dust, and we both noticed improvement, especially in my ears. For me, allergy manifests in a terrible swelling in the ears! Since we keep the right air condition in the apartment, it happens a lot less often! It is known that the effects of lower exposure to air pollution, in particular, all chemical detergents (eg ammonia, phosphates, lye, chlorine, formaldehyde and phenols) are not noticeable in everyday functioning, but it is these small, unnoticeable everyday details that result in unpleasant consequences in few years or when you are old. Toxins accumulate in the body for years, gradually destroying us from the inside and causing disease, so it is worth protecting yourself from it in every possible way and every day.

It also shows You the statistic of your air condition!

On the LCD display built into the purifier, we can see the air condition divided into categories:

  • AQ (general pollution condition),
  • temperature,
  • RH (humidity),
  • PM2.5 (microscopic particles less than 2.5 micron: smog, bacteria, allergens),
  • PM10 (particles for 10 microns: dust, mildew, pollen),
  • VOCs (potentially harmful odours: detergents, paints, new furniture),
  • NO2 (potentially harmful gases: burning gas while cooking, exhaust emissions of the vehicle).

It gets even cooler…

Dyson Pure Cool review

In addition, you can control all this data, as well as the current status and daily or weekly charts in the Dyson phone application that can be connected to your Dyson Pure Cool. With this application, we can also control the equipment, change its settings, set the work schedule of the cleaner and have access to various details about air pollution in the apartment, but also outside in your location! It also works if you are not at home, the only condition is that the purifier must have access to your Wifi.

In the cleaner’s work, there are:

  • Auto (I use it almost always) and night modes.
  • You can control the intensity of ventilation from 1 to 10. On a scale of 1-5, the fan works very quietly, above 5 you can hear it a little more.
  • You can also set the angle of rotation from 45 degrees to 350, as well as a timer with the command to turn off the fan.

Paul Dawson, Vice President of Dyson Health and Beauty, says: “In Dyson, we develop machines for people and real houses, creating technologies that can work within the test labs, but above all to do what they promise in everyday life. To take care of home air quality, a purifier needs more than one filter and needs automatically detect pollution by capturing the ultra-fine gases and particles, projecting air clean in every corner of the room. Dyson is able to meet these needs, giving life the only purifier able to clean an entire room. “

Dyson Pure Cool review

Dyson Pure Cool, for who?

Makeup Inspired with Dyson Pure Cool

I would recommend it especially those of you who, like me, suffer from allergies but also I think that this is a great solution for:

  • beauty salons,
  • hairdressers,
  • make-up artists,
  • doctors,
  • dentists,
  • all other places where work hygiene is important,
  • and where employees they are exposed to the action of harmful cleaning chemicals!

Ask a question in the comments. I will try to explain everything to you because I know that some things can be complicated! That was at least for me when I wrote this review 

PS: I created a special makeup inspired by Dyson Pure Cool! The concept was “FRESH AND PURE”.