Every cosmetic brand has something unique to propose. For example, Fenty beauty is well known by the color range of foundations, Cover fx high pigmentation, Benefit products for eyebrows etc … and, if you are looking for products with very long durability then you should look at Wunder 2.

Wunder 2 became popular with the release of the Wunderbrowproduct. It is a gel for eyebrows, which is extremely durable. The producer promises to last up to 3 days. I did not try to wear it for a few days, because I can not imagine going to sleep with a make-up on my face, but I tested it in every way, rubbing it, treating with normal water or micellar water and it was still holding (below ↓ You can see my video with the test of this gel). So I imagine that it can stay up to 3 days. It can be removed with an oily makeup remover or special product Wundercleanse, which can be bought on their website. There are 5 colors in both warmer and cooler tones. They have also very nice Dual Precision Brush for eyebrows.

Another cosmetic that I fell in love with is their Caviar Illuminator. It comes in 3 colors: mother of pearl, golden sand and coral shimmer. All three are beautiful. For pale skins like mine, I would recommend “mother of pearl”. Although all shades would look good because they are not too dark, “mother of pearl” has the brightest glow on a pale skin.This illuminator has a very interesting form.The highlighting pigments are compressed into the Caviar Beads. Their consistency is serum-gel. It’s best to apply with fingers, with patting movement. You can apply it on top of the foundation itself but also on the already powdered foundation. It gives a beautiful fresh glow, without particles of glitter or metallic finish. Recently they also released the foundation Last and found[ation]. It has very high coverage but at the same time does not look very heavy. I have a color n. 20 which is a beautiful light warm shade but it is slightly too dark for my winter skin tone. I had to mix it with a white mixer. I hope that soon I will get finally some suntan and it will fit perfectly. I live in Italy at last! In the video below You can see how I apply this foundation and how impressing coverage it has.

Let’s get to eye make-up because in this category I also have a few pearls! Their next interesting idea was Glitter Gelly. They are glitters in the form of a gel. There is no need for any base or glue. Rather, you cannot create with them a glitter layer without any clearances, but they’re definitely great for adding accents to your make-up. They are very quick to use, and after setting the gel, they do not move. They give a beautiful three-dimensional glow. At this moment they have just 5 colors, I hope that they will release much more!

Their other products for eye makeup is Pure Pigment, ultra-fine, highly concentrated loose color powders. They are also in 5 shades (and also, in this case, I am waiting for more!). Until now my favorite one is “sunkissed gold”. Their other product closely related to pigments is Prime & Behold, Professional Primer for Color Make-up that locks any color pigment to the skin, intensifies it & ensures it is waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours. It has a beautiful blue holographic finish. I also had the opportunity to try two types of mascara. Both are Wunderexntensions, one of which is in the stain version, which is supposed to last up to 3 days. At this moment I can say that they look very nice and stay well but I would still like to carry out a super test of the stain version, maybe during the day by the sea … what do you think? Below You can see video of Wunderextensions mascara in action!And the last but not least in my makeup Haul are Oh!Val makeup brushes. I suspect you have already seen this type of brush on the internet. My opinion on them is that they distribute the foundation beautifully and invisibly as well as all other creamy products, but it does a very thin layer that cannot cover my imperfections. They are only for people who naturally have a nice skin and do not need a lot of coverage. Unfortunately, in my case, they lie unused and look nice. It’s nice to have them in my collection but they do not fit my problematic complexion. Fortunately, they have a beautiful package to complement my makeup studio!

That would be all! I hope You liked my Wunder 2 cosmetics haul. From time to time I collaborate with them so they were so kind to give me a special discount code for all of You guys! If You would like to do some shopping on their website then use code “MINIMUALIST” for 10% discount! Let me know in the comments if You would like a makeup haul of some other makeup, skincare or fashion brand!