If you want to get my knowledge and advice on how to care or make-up, first you should know what type of skin I have!
This is a very important determinant of whether something will work well for you too.
If, for example, I would recommend you a super extra long-lasting moisturizing foundation, which works well for my sensitive skin and you would have an oily skin, it would probably be very disappointing to You and You would say that I was talking bullshit.
I think that there is a need for this post to sort out some information right at the beginning of my blogging!
What is my skin type?
Well… I have a quite difficult situation. I have acne skin, sometimes more serious and sometimes less.
What I mean is that sometimes I have all face full of cystic acne but sometimes I have just a few (2-5) pimples mostly on my cheekbones or around my mouth.
I rather do not have moments without any pimples
Another feature of my skin is dryness.
Unlike most acne owners, my skin is quite normal with a tendency to dry.
If I do not use any moisturizer or when I use some special acne treatments my skin is becoming very dry and uncomfortable.
And when I use regularly a moisturizer (in my case it’s a mixture of oils) then my skin is perfectly normal (if we are talking about the production of sebum).
Yet another feature of my skin is sensitiveness.
Not extreme sensitiveness but…
Generally, on a daily basis, I try to avoid chemistry in food and cosmetics.
Too many aggressive products to cleanse or lubricate the face makes my skin much more slowly regenerate and is eternally irritated.
For example, I noticed that since I clean my face only once a day, my pimples heal much faster! probably because I do not violate the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.
So in short…
I have dry, acne, sensitive type of skin!
Take it into consideration when you suggest my cosmetic recommendations!
Hope that You liked my post and be sure to write in a comment about what type of skin you have! ↓
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