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A well-cared complexion is a key to beautiful makeup.  Of course, very rarely skin is perfect without any imperfections but we can always improve their condition, moisturization, smoothness, etc..

It’s important to take care of your skin regularly, whereas, during those few days before an important event, on which you want to show off as best as you can, there are several steps that should be taken to make the makeup spotless and long lasting!

Here are some rules:

  • Before this important day, do not perform any cosmetic procedures you have never used before! At least If You do not want to finish with allergy, red spots, pimples or other unexpected allergic reactions.
  • The last deep cleansing should be done 3 weeks before the event not later! 
  • All types of hair removal especially in visible places like face or legs should be done about 4 days before the make-up!
  • All tested masks and peelings should be made 2-3 days before. Especially peeling is an important step to remove all the dead skins from Your face before makeup!
  • If you use the solarium (which I strongly advise you against because of your health), do the last sunbathing 4-5 days earlier.
  •  This last step is sooooo megaaaa important! Peel Your lips and moisture them well! There is nothing worse than lipstick applied on dry lips, unfortunately, It will never look good.

I also prepared for You the list of some good cosmetic treatments before THIS BIG DAY! Clarins SOS hydra mask

VICHY double glow, exfoliating and iluminating mask

CLINIQUE moisture surge overnight mask

CLINIQUE anti blemish purifying mask

THE BODY SHOP iluminating and purifying mask with himalayan carbon