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My name is Paulina and I am a Makeup Artist.

I come from Poland, but I live in Italy. I am the type of artist with a mathematical mind, total perfectionist. It is an extremely difficult combination to live with.


Portrait photography of Paulina Tyrala Minimualist

Well, my blogging adventure started for good in 2016 when I moved to Italy. I created an Instagram account for my makeups. At the beginning my nickname was your_makeup_inspiration but with time I found a lot of pleasure in other areas then makeup so I had to change my nickname! From that moment I am officially “MINIMUALIST“. It’s a combination of a minimalist style that I love with the name MUA (Makeup Artist). My dear followers on Instagram asked me many times to create finally a blog where they can find something more then just quick mentions on Instagram, so I created one where You are just now!


On the boat in Villa Borghese in Rome
Villa Borghese in Rome

That’s another tricky question! I was born in Warsaw where I lived for 22 years of my life, then I decided to move to Italy and I lived in Rome for almost 2 years but then my heart brought me to Latina, the city of my boyfriend. All my family lives in Warsaw so I am visiting them as often and for as long as it is possible. The thing is that I love all the places where I lived and in each one of them I left a piece of my heart. But the truth is that my home is where my boyfriend and family are. It seems that for the moment I have two homes then! I hope to have them all together next to me one day!


Backstage of photoshoot for Margacha brand
Photoshoot for Margacha

My passion for makeup started already when I was a little girl. No… I was not doing my makeup in primary school. I started by creating tattoos on the back of my mum with her eye pencils and mascaras. I was drawing everything on her! Then in secondary school, I was visiting often with my friends Sephora and I was creating on them makeups with testers from the shop. I started to experiment with my own makeup when I was 14. The first cosmetics ever that I used on me was a blush, I exaggerated a lot and I was pretending in front of my friends that I do not wear any makeup! 😂


On top of San Felice Circeo, italian panorama by the sea
San Felice Circeo

This seems the most important question and a possible reason for You to read my blog. First of all, I would like to help people to have more faith in themselves and to accept themselves the way they are. The second important thing is MINIMALISM strongly connected with creativity! In our times it is so easy to exaggerate with makeup, clothes, desires. I want to show to people how little they need to achieve spectacular effects! I have so many thing about photography, clothes, makeup, lifestyle that I would love to share with You and inspire You!

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